Are Scorpio Men Liars Sometimes? (Survey)

Scorpio men are said and known to be devoted to those closest to them.

But I also wanted to hear from others if they tend to lie sometimes and that’s the purpose of this 71 participants survey.

By The Numbers

Let’s take a look at what the 71 respondents have to say.

  • Yes – Absolutely (47 voted)
  • No – Not at all (24 voted)
Are Scorpio men liars sometimes survey

What are the Respondents Saying?

Respondent #1

I am the most brutally honest person, which is why so many people hate me. I will not tell people beautiful lies to soothe their feelings so don’t ask for my opinion if you don’t like honest feedback.

Respondent #2

I really think that Scorpios tend to lie, regardless of their gender. I don’t think we’ll tell a full lie to people but we will tell our own version of a white lie.

And we will sometimes lie to avoid being asked other questions.

Respondent #3

We always tell the truth, even when we lie.

Respondent #4

Yes, they are some of the biggest liars. I was with a Scorpio man who told me he was single but was in a picture with his girlfriend on his Facebook page.


While Scorpios can be protective, and loyal to those that are within their circles they are not immune to telling lies.

There are many reasons why a Scorpio might lie to others, reasons ranging from getting out of trouble to avoiding being asked too many questions by others.

This doesn’t mean that all Scorpios are liars but rather that they are capable of lying just as much as anyone else you might meet.

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