12 Signs A Scorpio Man is Serious About You

Are you trying to figure out if the Scorpio man in your life is serious about you? If so, understanding his behavior is key.

Even though Scorpios are known to be mysterious and difficult to read, there are still some telltale signs that can give you an indication of how he feels.

Here are 12 signs that a Scorpio man is serious about you.

1. He Shares His Secrets With You

As someone who keeps everyone at a distance and doesn’t easily open up to others, a Scorpio man will let you into his inner circle only when he trusts and values you.

When he starts sharing secrets with you, it’s a sign that he sees the relationship as more than just casual flirting and wants to get to connect deeper with you.

2. He Spends A Lot of Time and is Very Attentive To You

When a Scorpio man spends most of his free time with you, it’s often because he wants to be around someone who makes him feel comfortable and appreciated.

He might also pay attention to even the smallest details when it comes to your well-being or comfort, which shows that he cares deeply for you.

You know he’s serious about you when he talks about small details you share with him.

3. He Trusts You

Trust is something that takes time for a Scorpio man to build.

But when he does start trusting you, it means that he sees potential in the relationship and wants to invest in it further.

For him to get to this point with you there must be something special and unique that he sees in you but regardless, if he shows that he trusts you, it’s a sign he’s serious about you.

4. He Texts or Calls You A Lot

Constant communication is one of the most telling signs of interest from a Scorpio man.

If he’s always texting or calling you, chances are good that he wants something real with you and not just a casual fling.

Sometimes it may be that he wants a casual fling but either way, it’s because he is very interested in you for some reason.

5. He Flirts With You A Lot

Flirting can be fun but for a Scorpio man, it’s also an expression of his feelings for someone special.

When a Scorpio man frequently flirts with you, it can mean that he really likes you and want you to know it!

Flirt back if you can and see where it takes you.    

6. He is Very Affectionate Toward You

A Scorpion’s affection goes beyond physical touching; they’re very attentive and loving towards their partners in all aspects of life including emotional support too!

This means if your Scorpio partner is always showing signs of being caring towards your needs then this could be another sign he has feelings for you beyond just friendship! 

7. He Only Sees You

Whether it’s spending quality time together or having dinner dates at home, if all other people have been removed from the equation then this could be another sign your Scorpio man has feelings for you!

He may also take steps such as deleting any contacts on social media who could potentially be distracting him away from focusing on your relationship alone!

8. When You Talk To Other People

Jealousy might not seem like an emotion associated with love but when it comes to Scorpio men, jealousy can be seen as a sign of devotion!

This suggests that when he does get jealous over seeing you talk to other people this might mean he truly cares about what happens between you and him.

He doesn’t want to lose you.  

9. He Makes A Lot Of Eye Contact With You

Eye contact between two people can reveal much more than words ever will – especially if we’re talking about Scorpio men!

The amount of eye contact made between two people says volumes about how invested they are in each other.

So if a Scorpio man looks directly into your eyes without breaking away this could mean that he has strong feelings for you! 

Eye contact can also indicate that he has a lot of interest in you.

He’s very mischievous and if you intrigue him, prepare to get a lot of attention and eye contact.

10. He Helps You In Your Career

A Scorpio man isn’t afraid to use his influence or resources in order to help out those closest to him achieve success!

If he’s actively helping you towards advancing your own professional goals this could suggest he sees potential in building something long-term together as well and doesn’t mind growing with you.

11. He’s Always Worried About Your Well Being

Not only do Scorpio men demonstrate strong levels of loyalty but they’re also very protective over their loved ones too.

Meaning they’ll always go above and beyond what’s necessary in order to make sure everything turns out alright at all times regardless of how small/large the problem might be!

This kind gesture typically reflects he cares about you so don’t take these moments lightly either. 

12. He Smiles A Lot With You

Because he generally likes to feel people out first before showing his true emotions, when a Scorpio man is comfortable smiling around you that could suggest he likes being with you.

However, if he’s smiling when you’re together and not with other people it could also mean he has feelings of admiration or even loves for you.

Either way, it’s a strong sign that he is serious about you and probably wants to be with you!

Why Does A Scorpio Man Become Serious About Someone?

When it comes to relationships and love, a Scorpio man will take his time before he is fully invested in someone.

He tends to become serious when there is an emotional connection present and he knows the woman shares the same values as him.

A Scorpio man also likes someone who can challenge him intellectually with stimulating conversations and debates, so if this box is checked off, then you can likely expect him to take things more seriously.

Above all else, if you are able to keep the relationship light and loving but also have moments of depth and complexity, then a Scorpio man may be ready to realize that you could be the one for him.

How do you know if a Scorpio man is serious with you?

It’s difficult to tell if a Scorpio man is serious about you since they tend to be so guarded and mysterious.

However, if he has allowed himself to be vulnerable in front of you, occasionally opens up with his thoughts and emotions, and takes initiative in the relationship then it can be a sign he is serious.

A Scorpio man will also demonstrate his commitment by regularly making time for you, expressing an interest in resolving conflicts, and expressing a desire to explore bonding activities.

Paying attention to little details such as visiting family together or talking about your mutual future plans should provide more insight into how serious he is about being with you.

How do you know if a Scorpio man is thinking about you?

It can often feel like a mystery trying to decipher if a Scorpio man is thinking about you but there are a few signs that indicate a Scorpio man is likely preoccupied with you.

  • He may start calling or texting more
  • He makes an effort to utilize any mode of communication to reach out and keep in touch with you.
  • He may show signs of affection, such as buying you small gifts or planning activities that only the two of you are involved with.

If your Scorpio male friend starts behaving differently around you, then it’s possible that his thoughts are more on you – romantically and platonic.

How does a Scorpio man express his love?

A Scorpio man is skilled in the art of romance, and he loves to make grand gestures that show his true love.

His passionate nature frequently leads him to gifts of jewelry or other luxury items, but what stands out most are the special dates or moments he creates with his special someone.

He prefers to keep things exciting and unpredictable, so you may find yourself whisked away on a surprise weekend getaway or on a steamy hot-air balloon ride.

Communication is important for a Scorpio man, as he enjoys expressing his love in both verbal and non-verbal forms; often joking about it in conversation and showering compliments that show just how much he adores you.

When a Scorpio man has feelings for you?

When a Scorpio man has feelings for you, it is likely that significant effort has been put into getting to know you.

He may express his feelings through the intensity of his attention or affection – be it by giving thoughtful gifts or setting aside time in order to spend quality time with you.

Not All Scorpio Man is Serious But Some Can Be

There are telltale signs that a Scorpio man is serious about you — from taking interest in details about you to wanting to be around you more.

Not all of these will necessarily apply to every individual, and at the end of the day, only your Scorpio man can tell you where he’s at when it comes to his love for you.

If it’s important for you to get some further tips and guidance into exactly what makes them tick and how they really feel, then speaking with an astrologer or relationship expert may be beneficial.

When you have a relationship, it is important to talk about things. If you understand each other from the start, it can help avoid problems in the future.

Find out what your partner’s signs and actions mean so that there won’t be confusion later on.

This will help you both know what to expect and make sure that the promises made are understood by both of you.

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