18 Reasons why a Scorpio is shy

There are so many things about a Scorpio that can be mistaken otherwise when in reality they’re just shy.

Knowing how to deal with shy Scorpios can help you understand them better and build a stronger relationship.

In a survey, 230 Scorpios were asked if they considered themselves or other Scorpios to be shy and 158 of them said no. But don’t take my word for it. Look at the chart below or take a look at the survey if you like.

we asked 230 Scorpios, Are you shy

And there are reasons why they’re shy too.

18 Reasons why a Scorpio seems shy

1. They like you

This is probably the most likely reason why a Scorpio is shy around you.

They may not want to show it, but they are definitely interested in you and want to get to know you better.

2. They don’t know if you like them also.

This is one of the reasons why a Scorpio is shy.

They don’t want to make a move unless they are pretty sure that you like them too.

They don’t want to put themselves out there only to be rejected. So, if you like a Scorpio, make sure to let them know!

3. They don’t want to get rejected

Scorpios do not like to be rejected, so they probably won’t open up to you about how they feel unless they are sure that you feel the same way.

4. They feel introverted

One of the main reasons why a Scorpio is shy has to do with their natural distrust of people.

Scorpios are very intuitive and can usually sense when someone is not being genuine.

This can make them feel uncomfortable and cause them to retreat into their shell.

5. They feel misunderstood

Scorpios are one of the most misunderstood signs in astrology. People see them as being dark, brooding, and mysterious.

But the truth is, Scorpios are just introspective and private people.

They like to keep to themselves because they prefer to process their thoughts and emotions internally.

6. They don’t talk a lot to people

When you talk to a Scorpio they might come off as being shy but that is because they don’t like talking to a lot of people.

They would rather stay to themselves than be around a lot of people.

If they are talking to you it means that they trust you and feel comfortable around you.

7. They don’t want to be judged

Scorpios are often shy because they don’t want to be judged.

They’re very private people and they’re not easily trusting of others.

They’re often misjudged because of their secretive nature and they don’t like that.

Scorpios are usually shy around new people, but once they get to know you, they can be the life of the party.

8. They don’t want to socialize

Scorpios come off as shy because some of them don’t like to socialize.

That’s not to say they don’t want friends, they just have a very small group of people that they’re close to.

They’re often the ones who sit in the back of the room and observe everyone else, rather than being in the center of attention.

It’s not that they’re necessarily introverted, even though most are, they just like having a few close friends rather than a lot of acquaintances.

9. They like their alone time

Scorpios may seem shy when in reality they just love spending time alone.

They enjoy their own company and don’t feel the need to be around others all the time.

This doesn’t mean they don’t like people, they just prefer to stay in their own little world.

10. They feel uncomfortable in large groups

Scorpios usually shy away from large groups because many are very untrusting.

Scorpios are also very independent, so they don’t like depending on others or being the center of attention.

They would rather be alone or in a small group of close friends.

11. They are private people

Scorpios are very private people. They don’t like to share their thoughts or feelings with others, and they prefer to keep to themselves.

On the outside, they might seem shy to you when in reality they just like working on themselves and focusing on their lives outside of the public’s eyes.

12. They take time to open up to people

Scorpios seem shy because they take time to open up to other people.

They want to make sure that they can trust the person before they let them into their lives.

It takes a lot for a Scorpio to let someone in, but once they do, they are usually loyal and will always be there for you.

13. They like to observe people before they interact with them

Scorpios come off as shy because they’re usually observing people before they interact with them.

This is because they want to know who they’re dealing with and what kind of person they are.

14. They are picky about who they let into their lives

Scorpios are very picky when it comes to letting people into their lives.

They are very private people and they only allow a select few people into their inner circle.

They might seem shy for this but it’s because they don’t want to let just anyone into their lives.

15. They can be suspicious of people and their motives

Scorpios are sometimes seen as shy but that’s because they are suspicious of people and their motives.

They are always trying to figure people out and sometimes that can make them seem aloof or uninterested.

16. They can be paranoid

Some Scorpios can be very paranoid around others and large groups of people.

They tend to think that everyone is out to get them or harm them in some way.

This can make them seem very shy and reserved around others.

17. They like to have everything under their control

Scorpios might look shy to others on the outside when they’re being reserved because they’re in uncomfortable situations and like things within their control.

18. They’re protective of you

Scorpios are very loyal and protective of those they care about, so if a Scorpio is shy around you, it’s likely because they’re worried about coming on too strong and pushing you away.

How do you know if a shy Scorpio likes you?

Here are some of the signs a shy Scorpio likes you:

  • They’ll go out of their way to make sure you’re comfortable
  • They’re always around you when they can be
  • They’ll give you their undivided attention
  • You catch them looking at you when they think you’re not looking
  • They blush or get tongue-tied when they’re around you
  • They’ll find excuses to touch you
  • They always want to know what’s going on in your life
  • They’ll get jealous when you talk to other people
  • They’ll try to find out things about you that they think you’re keeping secret
  • They’ll go out of their way to help you with anything you need
  • They’re always there for you when you need them

What does it mean when Scorpios are quiet?

When a Scorpio is quiet on of the most likely reasos is usually because they are out of their element (comfort zone).

If a Scorpio is suddenly thrust into a large group of people, or if they are not around their close friends, they can get very shy (quiet).

It’s not that they don’t like people, it’s just that they can be very introverted at times.

This can be a good thing though, as it means they are because it means they are very loyal friends.

If you have a Scorpio friend, you know they will always be there for you, no matter what.

Scorpios can also be shy because they are very private people.

They like to keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves and don’t like to share them with others.

This can be a good quality, as it means they are very trustworthly.

But it can also be a bad quality, as it means they can hold grudges and be very secretive.

Are Scorpios shy around their crush?

From my experience, Scorpios can be quite shy around their crush.

They may not say much, or they may not make eye contact.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t like you.

Scorpios are just very reserved when it comes to love and they take their time to get to know someone before they open up.

If you’re patient with a Scorpio, and if you give them time, they will eventually come out of their shell and show you how much they care.

But the reason why some of them are shy around their crush is probably because they’re afraid of rejection and being hurt.

How to get a Scorpio to be more open and relaxed around you?

To get a Scorpio to be more relaxed around you, the best thing to do is to take things slowly.

  • Don’t try to force them to open up or share their feelings with you
  • Let them know and show them that you can be trusted
  • Don’t try to change them
  • Have intellectual conversations
  • Talk often
  • Be open-minded yourself
  • Respect their privacy
  • And, give them time


Scorpio people are often misunderstood because of their supposed shyness.

While some believe that this makes them unapproachable, the truth is that Scorpios are simply private people.

What you see as a Scorpio being shy is probably not shyness for them.

It’s likely that they are out of their comfort zone and is just trying to keep their composure.

The best way to get a Scorpio out of their “shyness” is to make them feel more comfortable in the environment where they are.

Sometimes this could mean starting a conversation with them, about the event or what is going on.

Ask them how they like things so far and what they think.

It usually takes an engaging conversation to get a Scorpio out of their shyness.

Which is actually feeling out of their comfort zone.

Once you make them feel like there is nothing to be afraid of and they’re in a safe space, they’ll be more relaxed.

Shyness = being out of their comfort zone.

If you take anything away from this understand that shyness for you is being out of their comfort zone, for a Scorpio.

Strike up a conversation with your Scorpio friend and get to know them.

There is more left to uncover!

Also, don’t walk away from this thinking that all Scorpios are like this because that is certainly not the case.

There are many that go after what they want and will let you know.

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