The Truth About Scorpios Being Backstabbers

Contrary to their mysterious reputation, Scorpios don’t usually backstab other people.

They may appear secretive, but this is largely due to their highly intuitive and observing nature.

Scorpios have the unique ability to pick up small clues about a person or situation that the average person might not detect.

As a result of this sensitivity and knowingness, Scorpios come off as inscrutable or untrustworthy to some people.

But their way of being is never to be shady or backstab others.

 Let’s dig into why this misconception exists and how it can be debunked. 

The Basic Traits of a Scorpio 

Scorpios are known for being passionate and intense people who are often highly sensitive to their environment.

They can also be very private at times, which makes them appear difficult to understand.

Despite this reputation, however, they are actually quite loyal friends who will go out of their way for those they care about most.

In fact, they’re often some of the most dependable people in our lives! 

But here are some reasons why people might assume Scorpios are backstabbers:

Scorpios Sometimes Come off as Harsh

So if they’re not backstabbers by nature, why do so many people think otherwise?

The answer lies in the fact that Scorpios tend to be direct with their thoughts and feelings—even when it comes to criticism—which can make them seem overly blunt at times.

While this directness isn’t meant to hurt anyone’s feelings intentionally, it can still come across as harsh or insensitive due to its straightforward delivery.

This can cause misunderstandings between Scorpios and those who don’t know them well enough yet.

Scorpios Don’t Let People in Easily

Another reason why some may think that Scorpios are backstabbers is because they prefer not to get too close too quickly with new acquaintances.

This could lead someone on the outside looking in to assume that a Scorpio is playing games or keeping secrets from them when really they just need time and space to get comfortable before opening up fully. 

Ok, Let’s Imagine: Why Would A Scorpio Ever Backstab Someone?

A Scorpio might backstab someone if they feel very deeply betrayed and if their trust has been taken advantage of.

They care deeply about loyalty, so when someone acts in a way that breaks a Scorpio’s trust and shows deceitful behavior, they may choose to respond with harshness.

Backstabbing can be a form of retaliation, and while it certainly isn’t the best way to act, it can be an honest expression of hurt feelings – at least that’s how some Scorpios see it.

Thankfully many Scorpios are able to forgive and let go eventually after working through their intense emotions, but at the time a betrayal is fresh in their minds, it is likely that they might react just to get even with you.

And if they do go through with it, some Scorpios might feel bad about hurting the person, but it depends on how bad the betrayal does.

It’s safe to say though that while Scorpios may think of ways to get even with someone not all of them actually do what they think.

If You Backstabbed A Scorpio Would They Forgive You?

Whether or not a Scorpio forgives you after backstabbing them really depends on a variety of factors, but especially the kind and level of hurt you caused.

For some Scorpios, a backstabbing would be completely unforgivable.

Others may be a bit more forgiving of what you did, but it would still take a significant amount of effort on the part of those involved to repair any trust that’s been broken.

That being said, if you did backstab a Scorpio, the best thing to do is take complete responsibility for your actions and show that you are truly sorry about what you did and you are seriously trying to move on, without any intention of ever doing what you did, again.

I can tell you that this might be hard for a Scorpio to ever accept and be able to let their guard down and trust you again.

Scorpios Are Not Backstabbers: Get To Know Them

Scorpios are not only misunderstood but can also be really great friends if you take the time to get to know them.

They may seem distant and unapproachable at first, but as soon you open up the conversation and build trust, you will find that they have a lot of interesting things to say and provide loyal support when needed.

Don’t let initial impressions dictate who or what you think a Scorpio is – instead, truly observe the person’s behaviors before making judgments.

To learn more about astrology and its role in understanding Scorpios, talk live with an Astrologer – they could help you with any questions or doubts you might have!

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