Would You Ever Get Serious With Someone Whom You Are Friends With Benefits (Survey)

It’s hard to tell what might happen when you’re friends with benefits with a Scorpio.

This is why I found this survey really helpful to see if that kind of relationship had the potential to be more serious.

I had 200 Scorpios responded to prove it too.

By The Numbers

This survey had 200 Scorpios who participated. Let’s take a look at what they said.

  • Yes (119 voted)
  • No (81 voted)
Would you get serious in a friends with benefits Scorpio survey

What are the Respondents Saying?

Respondent #1

I would never be in that type of relationship with anyone in the first place

Respondent #2

I will always say no, especially if we are in different places in our lives and are not ready for any kind of committed relationship, but I will always appreciate the experience and things that I learned.

Respondent #1

I have been in a friends with benefits relationship that became something more.


Even though many Scorpios like to be in control, which is why most aren’t willing to commit to a relationship, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have serious relationships.

From the survey, we can see that Scorpios are willing to become serious in a relationship that started out being no strings attached.

That doesn’t mean that you should start a relationship like this, hoping to get more serious with them though because you might end up getting hurt.

But it’s proof that it’s possible that a friends with benefits type of relationship can potentially turn into something more.

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