I Eventually Open up To Some People (Survey)

Scorpios are usually guarded with the people they meet and do not usually open up to others easily.

In this survey, I asked 116 Scorpios if they would eventually open up to people.

By The Numbers

Let’s look at what all 116 participants have to say.

  • Yes – sometimes (42 voted)
  • No – Rarely or never (24)
  • It depends on a lot of things (50 voted)
I eventually open up to some people survey

What are the Respondents Saying

Respondent #1

Nope, I am good and opening up to people is my biggest downfall because they eventually use my secrets and fears against me.


This survey proves that Scorpios are willing to open up to others but it also proves that there are many factors that might influence how and who they open up to.

Scorpios are usually very selective of how much and what they say to others especially when there aren’t clear motives from the person they’re talking to.

One thing for sure is that they won’t openly and willfully tell you anything that might be used to hurt them, at least not unless you’ve really proven to them that you can be trusted.

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