15 Ways to make a Scorpio woman chase you

Getting a Scorpio woman to chase you can seem like a daunting task but it’s all about understanding her personality.

The first step is to understand what a Scorpio woman wants. She is attracted to confident and successful men who can provide her with security and stability.

But that doesn’t mean she can’t or isn’t willing to take care of herself, it’s just that she’s ok with you leading, if you can prove to her that you’re dependable.

And honesty is most important to her, not material things, even though she’ll take both.

If you know what she wants and how to appeal to her interests, you might be able to get a Scorpio woman to chase.

These are some of the ways to do it:

15 ways to make a Scorpio woman chase you

1. Be honest with her

Honesty means everything to a Scorpio woman and if you want her to chase you, don’t lie to her.

If and when she realizes that you’re lying to her she’ll be immediately turned off and you’ll never be able to get her to chase you.

2. Be a challenge and mysterious

Being a challenge and mysterious is key to getting a Scorpio woman to chase you.

You need to make her feel like she’s earned your attention and she’ll be more likely to chase you.

That doesn’t mean that you should be cocky and too into yourself, just act like you have a lot going on in your life and that she’s lucky to be a part of it.

But don’t lie about anything either, instead, try to say as little about yourself in a way that she’ll want to learn more about you.

Don’t lie to a Scorpio woman, she’s very intuitive and if she finds out you’re lying to her, you will probably lose her interest.

3. Put her in the friend zone

Putting a Scorpio woman in the friend zone is a good way to make her chase you.

Since she’s a very passionate and intense woman, she’ll want what she can’t have and if you make her think that she can’t have you, she’ll be more likely to chase you.

But don’t play games with her, be honest about your feelings and intentions from the beginning.

The key is to make her think that you’re not interested in her romantically, even if you are.

That means you’ll still have amazing conversations and spend time in her company, it’s just that you won’t be so obvious about your feelings.

4. Tell her she distracts you

When you tell her she distracts you, you are subtly telling her that she has an effect on you.

You are letting her know that she is important to you. In a lot of ways, this is like giving her a compliment.

You’re indirectly telling her that you find her special and interesting and this can make a Scorpio woman want to chase you.

5. Show her that you really want to get to know her

Showing a Scorpio woman that you really want to get to know her is a great way to make her chase you.

Scorpio women love authenticity and when you can show them that you want to get to know the real them, that’s is attractive to them.

A Scorpio woman enjoys connecting with a person who is not afraid of being themself because as a Scorpio woman she believes in being herself.

Showing her that you accept her and don’t judge her is a great way to get a Scorpio woman to chase you.

She’ll look forward to being in your company because she feels comfortable around you.

6. Disagree with her sometimes

Scorpio women don’t like yes men and pushovers. She’s looking for a man who is confident enough to disagree with her.

If you agree with everything she says, she might not find conversations with you that interesting.

But you should also avoid getting into arguments with her, instead, try to respectfully disagree with her.

Doing this will show her that you believe in sharing your opinion and that you’re not afraid to stand up for yourself.

This is one way to get her to chase you.

7. Show her that you’re dependable

Show her that you can be counted on and that you’re a man of your word.

If she knows that she can rely on you, she’ll be more likely to want to chase you.

Scorpio women like men who are strong and dependable. They don’t like men who are wishy-washy.

She wants to know that you’ll show up for her when she expects you to do it or when you say that you will.

8. Let her lead sometimes

Scorpio women enjoy being in control sometimes and like it when a man lets them lead.

This doesn’t mean that you should be a doormat because she doesn’t want that, it just means that you should let her lead sometimes.

Allowing a Scorpio woman to take the lead will make her respect you and she’ll be more likely to want to chase you.

This is because she’ll feel like you respect and trust her ideas and decisions.

9. Give her compliments

Complimenting her and making her feel special is a great way to make a Scorpio woman want to chase you.

She loves feeling appreciated and when you can make her feel that way, she’ll be more likely to want to chase you.

Make sure that your compliments are genuine and not fake because she can see through insincere compliments.

Tell her what you like about her and why you find her special but don’t force it, do it naturally.

10. Accept her for who she is

Accepting a Scorpio woman for who she means that you accept her for her quirks and her flaws.

You don’t try to change her or judge her, you just accept her.

This is a very attractive quality in a man and she’ll be more likely to want to chase you.

Scorpio women want to be with someone who loves them for who they are and not for who they should be.

So if you can show her that you accept her, she’ll want to chase you.

11. Slowly disclose information about yourself

When you disclose information about yourself to a Scorpio woman, make sure that you do it slowly.

This will keep her interested in you and she’ll want to know more about you.

Scorpio women are known for being curious and when you pique her curiosity, she’ll want to chase you.

So don’t give her everything at once, let her know that there’s more to you than meets the eye and she’ll want to chase you to find out more.

Just be certain you’re not lying to her in the process, she hates lies.

12. Don’t play games with her

If you want a Scorpio woman to chase you, be upfront and honest with her. Be genuine in your feelings for her.

Scorpio women are attracted to men who are honest and genuine. They can see through fake people and they don’t like it when someone tries to play games with them.

So if you want her to chase you, don’t play games with her, it will only push her away.

Show her that you’re different than other men.

13. Have your own life

It’s important for you to have your own life outside of your relationship with a Scorpio woman.

This means that you should have your own hobbies, interests, and friends.

You don’t have to be attached at the hip to her and she doesn’t want you to be.

A Scorpio woman wants her man to have his own life because it shows her that you’re not needy or clingy and that you are independent.

These are very attractive qualities in a man that will make her want to chase him.

14. Make her laugh

Sense of humor is a big deal for a Scorpio woman. If you can make her laugh, she’ll be more likely to want to chase you.

Scorpio women like men who can make them laugh and who have a good sense of humor.

Somebody who doesn’t always take everything personally and knows how to have a good time.

So if you can make her laugh, she’ll want to chase you.

15. Don’t chase her

Don’t chase her is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s important that you follow this rule if you want a Scorpio woman to chase you.

If you’re chasing a Scorpio woman she won’t need to do any chasing because you’re already pursuing her.

This doesn’t mean that you should play hard to get, just don’t pursue her or chase her all the time and she might start chasing after you.


When it comes to Scorpio women, they can be difficult to get. They are known for their sharp intellect and strong personalities, and they always keep people on their toes.

But it’s possible to get them to chase after you.

If you find yourself being chased by a Scorpio woman, you know that you’ve really caught her interest.

Whether this is because of your charm and wit, or your ability to push past her tough exterior and see the real person underneath, only time will tell.

But one thing is for sure – you’re going to want to hold onto this Scorpio woman with both hands.

She’ll keep you on your toes at all times, but she’ll also push you to be the best version of yourself.

This Scorpio is no pushover and she can be very loyal in her relationships.

But she won’t hesitate to cut you loose if she feels like you don’t reciprocate her feelings or meet her standards.

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