23 Reasons Why Scorpio is a Awesome Zodiac Sign

Are you a Scorpio? Do you know someone who is?

If so, you are in luck! Scorpios are some of the most fascinating people in the zodiac.

They are passionate, determined, and always full of surprises. But that’s not all.

While it is true that Scorpios can be intense and passionate people, there are also many other good things about them!

In this post, we will look at 23 reasons why Scorpios make great partners, friends, and employees.

23 Reasons why Scorpio is a Great Zodiac Sign

1. Loyal

Scorpios are one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac.

Once they have committed to someone or something, they will stick with it until the end.

This loyalty is a great quality to have in a friend or partner.

2. Great confidant

Scorpios are also great at keeping secrets. If you need to confide in someone, a Scorpio is a great choice.

They will never betray your trust or tell your secrets to anyone else.

3. Passionate

Scorpios are passionate people, and this passion can be directed towards many different things.

Whether it’s their work, hobby, or relationships, Scorpios always give 100% of themselves.

4. Always up for a good time

No matter what is happening in their life, Scorpios are always up for a good time.

They know how to enjoy themselves and they are always looking for new ways to have fun.

This makes them great friends and partners.

5. Never boring

Scorpios are always full of surprises and they keep things interesting.

You never know what a Scorpio is going to do next, and this unpredictability can be exciting.

6. Great listeners

If you need someone to talk to, a Scorpio is always a good choice.

They will listen to you without judgment and they will always offer helpful advice.

If you ask a Scorpio to listen and give you advice, the worst thing you can do is not take the actionable steps that they give you.

If they think you’re complaining but not doing anything to change what you’re complaining about they might stop talking to you.

7. Supportive

Scorpios are always there for their friends and family, no matter what.

If you need someone to lean on, a Scorpio is a great option.

As long as you’re not only asking for them when you need help, they’re ok with you.

Just don’t become an opportunist or make it seem like you’re using them or they might start distancing themselves from the relationship.

8. Always honest

If you love honesty, you’ll appreciate a Scorpio.

They believe that honesty is the best policy, and they will never lie to you.

This quality is important in both personal and professional relationships.

9. Hard workers

Scorpios are determined and they never give up, no matter what the challenge may be.

They love setting goals and are willing to put everything into accomplishing those goals.

This quality is appreciated in both personal and professional relationships.

10. Great in a crisis

It doesn’t matter what kind of problem-solving or courage a Scorpio needs to find to come up with a solution, they’ll figure something out.

They always know what to do and most often never panic but try to keep a level head.

This calm demeanor is a great asset in both personal and professional relationships.

11. Good with money

Scorpios are also good with money and are not afraid to take on the challenge to figure out their finances.

They are frugal and they know how to save.

They’re usually able to keep long-term goals in focus which is what helps drive their financial success.

12. Family-oriented

Scorpios believe that family is the most important thing in life, and they always try to put their family first.

They are always there for their loved ones and they would do anything to protect them.

That doesn’t mean that they’re willing to enable anyone in life-threatening and bad behaviors though, because they’re usually quick to leave if people in their life are not willing to change for the better.

13. Protective

Scorpios are always looking out for their loved ones, and they will do anything to keep them safe.

They are loyal to the people they care about, so you can always count on them to have your back.

If a Scorpio truly cares about you they won’t watch you get taken advantage of but will instead stand up for you.

14. Great sense of humor

If sense of humor is important in your life you might enjoy being around Scorpios because they’re full of sense of humor.

They’re usually able to look at stories, references, and jokes from many different angles.

This can sometimes cause others to not get some of their jokes though as they’re sometimes too quick-witted and might say things funny to them but not understood by others.

15. They are intelligent

Scorpios are always asking questions and they are always willing to learn new things.

This makes them great conversation partners as they are interested in what you have to say.

They are also quick thinkers and can usually come up with a clever retort or comeback.

But not just that, if you need solutions or advice on a situation, they’re able to use a level head to give you some tips that might actually help you.

16. Passionate

Scorpios are passionate about everything they do in life, whether it’s their hobbies, work, or relationships.

This can be a good thing as they put their all into everything and strive to be the best.

However, it can also be a bad thing as they can get obsessive and jealous.

Their passion can also make them seem intense to others, but if you can handle it then you’ll find that they’re some of the most loyal and caring people you’ll ever meet.

17. Forthcoming

The ability to look at situations, goals, and other things from different perspectives is a strength of Scorpios.

This can help them become successful in many different areas of their life.

Scorpios are also able to look at the darker side of things and see the potential for problems.

While this might seem like a negative trait, it actually allows Scorpios to be prepared for anything that comes their way.

The negative side to this is that they may need to be careful not to think things into becoming self-fulfilling prophecies.

18. Empathize with others

Scorpios have the ability to empathize with others and understand their feelings.

This can be a great strength as it allows Scorpios to build strong relationships with the people they care about.

However, it can also be a weakness as Scorpios can sometimes take on the problems and energies of others as their own.

They might also find it difficult to see things from another person’s perspective if they don’t agree with them.

But seeing someone else’s perspective is generally not a problem for them.

Protecting themselves from absorbing the negative energies of others is but because Scorpios are always looking for ways to grow, most eventually overcome absorbing the energy of others.

19. They are not afraid to take risks

Sometimes taking risks is the best way to grow and accomplish goals.

Scorpios understand this and are not afraid to take risks.

This can be a great strength as it allows them to try and experience new things.

However, it can also be a weakness as they might take too many risks and end up in a difficult situation.

Knowing when to take a risk and when to play it safe is a balance that Scorpios must learn.

20. They are always trying to grow and improve

This is a great strength as it allows Scorpios to continuously learn and evolve.

It can also be a weakness as they might try to change things that don’t need to be changed.

Scorpios must learn to accept things as they are and not try to force change.

But this is easy said than done, because what is life without change?

Life is about growth and they understand this, which is why they’re tempted to always look for ways to improve themselves.

The most important thing Scorpios can learn is to celebrate their wins and accomplishments and not constantly be so focused on what to do next.

21. They are always willing to help out

Scorpios are always willing to help out and they never hesitate to lend a hand.

They are always looking out for the best interests of their team or family.

This can be a great strength as it allows Scorpios to build strong relationships.

However, it can also be a weakness as they can sometimes be taken advantage of.

Scorpios must learn to say no and to set boundaries in order to protect themselves.

22. They are great leaders

Scorpios understand how to lead and not let the team feel unimportant

They are always looking out for the best interests of their team, and they are never afraid to step up and take charge.

They have a way of dealing with everyone in a team that gives all of them a sense of autonomy while feeling like they’re being heard.

A true Scorpio leader understands that giving respect and showing humility to their team’s opinion are some of the best ways to allow others to grow while feeling like they’re a part of something.

Leadership is not about ego, it’s about achieving goals while growing with others and being an example of what future leaders should you and more.

23. They enjoy making others happy

Ironically, Scorpios are seen as sad and dark people but most of them enjoy making others laugh and feel good.

It is one of the things that make them great leaders, as they can empathize with people and understand what makes them happy.

How to bring the best out of a Scorpio?

To bring out the best in a Scorpio, try to tap into their natural reserve of strength and determination.

Encourage them to channel their energy into positive outlets, such as creative pursuits or physical activity.

Help them to see the potential for good in people and situations, even when it’s not immediately obvious.

Be patient with their moodiness and respect their need for privacy.

Some other things you can do are:

  • Let them know that you’re on their side – Scorpios are Suspicious by nature, and they need to trust that you’re not going to stab them in the back.
  • Be honest with them – Scorpios can handle the brutal truth better than most signs, so don’t try to sugarcoat things.
  • Don’t try to control them – Scorpios need to feel like they’re in charge of their own lives, or they’ll quickly become resentful.
  • Be loyal to them – Scorpios are incredibly loyal themselves, and they expect the same from their partners.

If you can do all of these things, you’ll have no trouble bringing out the best in a Scorpio.


Don’t take anybody’s experience with a Scorpio as your own.

Go out there and make some genuine friendships with Scorpios waiting to meet you.

Then you can make up your mind about who they are.

There are many reasons why Scorpio is considered to be a great zodiac sign.

For one, Scorpios are incredibly passionate and intense, making them excellent partners in both love and friendship.

They are also protective of their loved ones and are always ready to fight for what they believe in.

Additionally, they tend to be very resourceful and tenacious, never giving up even when the odds seem insurmountable.

And they have an amazing ability to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to problems.

All of these qualities make Scorpio a sign that is truly worth admiring.

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