5 Signs A Scorpio Man Secretly Likes You But is Hiding It

As a Scorpio man, I can tell you firsthand that a Scorpio man can secretly have feelings for you on a much deeper level and never tell you.

The reason why he does this is probably because he’s unsure about your feelings and doesn’t want to get his hopes up too high.

He’s probably afraid that if he expresses and is vulnerable about how he feels, you won’t reciprocate his affections.

While revealing his true feelings may be difficult, there are subtle signs that he is hiding his attraction to you.

Here are some of them:

He Takes Genuine Interest in You and Everything About You, Inside and Out

A Scorpio man who has feelings for you will take a genuine interest in your life, the things that make you happy, the things that make you sad, the people in your life, your hobbies, and even your dreams.

He wants to know everything about you because he cares deeply about what’s going on in your life.

In a Group, He Literally Only Talks to You/Sits by You

If he’s sitting with a group of people and only talks to or sits next to you, then it’s a sign he truly likes you.

This could be because he feels more comfortable around you than anyone else or because he loves spending time with someone who makes him feel special.

Either way, if this happens often then it’s probably an indication of his innermost desires.

He Compliments You A Lot

When we like someone we naturally want them to know it and feel good about themselves.

And one way many of us do this is through compliments.

So if your Scorpio man compliments you often then this could be another sign he likes you but is afraid to admit it out loud.

Pay attention to how often he compliments how good-looking or smart or funny or kind etc., that means something!

He Just Stares at You Intensely

Many times when we like someone our gaze lingers longer than usual as we soak every detail in about them—their eyes especially.

If your Scorpio man stares intensely at you with his deep dark eyes chances are he has some strong feelings toward you but is too scared to let them show just yet.

He Makes Fun Of You and Teases You

Teasing someone can be an indication of strong feelings towards them but also an attempt at covering up those feelings.

Especially with Scorpios men who are known for being mysterious and hard-to-read when they don’t want anything obvious being revealed about their intentions or emotional state.

So if your Scorpio man teases or makes fun of you often then it could mean something big!

Why Do Scorpio Men Hide Their Feeling When They Like Someone?

Scorpio men can be are sometimes complex and hard to understand, leaving others guessing about their true intentions.

It’s common for them to remain guarded around their emotions, especially when they’re interested in someone.

This goes beyond playing hard to get – it’s more of a defense mechanism from Scorpio men.

They may worry that opening up too quickly will lead to getting hurt or being taken advantage of, which is reason enough for them to stay tight-lipped even if they really like someone.

Whatever the reasoning, it’s wise to take things slow with a Scorpio man and not pressure them into emotionally revealing themselves until they feel safe and trusting enough to do so.

And if you like him too maybe you can leave him some clues that you’re interested just to see what he does.

Signs That A Scorpio Man Has Feelings For You Through Text?

If you’re trying to discern whether a Scorpio man has feelings for you through text, look out for signs like an increased frequency of messages and an openness that might not usually be present.

There may also be flirting involved – such as compliments or comments that have romantic undertones.

Perhaps the Scorpio is using pet names or nicknames with you, which is a strong indication that he has strong feelings for you.

In addition, he could be sharing more details about himself and his life than before, perhaps as part of an effort to create a deeper connection.

Sometimes Scorpios are slow to express their feelings directly – but these subtle signs can help reveal them to you!

Even A Secretive Scorpio Man Leaves Clues When He Likes Someone

As mysterious as Scorpios men can be about their true intentions, there are always subtle clues that reveal exactly what they’re thinking and feeling towards someone else – even if they don’t want anyone else to know it yet!

These signs should help you understand whether the Scorpio man in question is having those secret romantic thoughts about you but won’t admit them out loud just yet!

Good luck deciphering his hidden affections!

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