7 Reasons Why Scorpios Are So Secretive and Seem Sneaky

Scorpios come off as sneaky and secretive to others.

Yes, they’re usually a bit secretive or sneaky in the beginning because they don’t like to disclose a lot about themselves when you first meet them.

That said, While Scorpios might appear secretive and sneaky, one thing they are not is fake.

They are deeply intuitive people who are constantly watching others around them.

They have a tendency to be suspicious of new people, which makes them appear private and cagey.

While not all Scorpio behavior stems from secrecy, when combined with their other qualities it can unquestionably add to that perception.

These are some of the reasons why they appear secretive and sneaky:

1. They’re Private

Scorpios tend to be very private and secretive when it comes to their personal lives.

They are naturally suspicious of other people and don’t open up easily.

This is why they have a reputation for being mysterious and hard to read. They keep their feelings, thoughts, and innermost secrets to themselves.

2. They Build Walls Around Themselves

Scorpios largely build walls around themselves as a defense mechanism, so even if you think you know them well, there is always part of them that remains deeply mysterious and hard for anyone else to understand fully without knowing the person’s complete story first-hand. 

3. They Are Discerning and Like To Observe and watch People

As deep thinkers, they are very discerning in how they interact with others, choosing only those individuals that pass their test of trustworthiness as “worthy” of being part of their inner circle of confidants.

This ability makes them appear selective in how much information they share with others outside of this circle. 

4. They Can Be Manipulative

When pushed too far by those outside their inner circle, Scorpios may become manipulative in order to protect themselves from harm.

While this manipulation isn’t done out of maliciousness per se, it does make them seem secretive or sneaky as these tactics require some degree of deception on their part in order for the manipulation to work successfully.

But this usually happens if someone is asking them too many uncomfortable and personal questions.

5. They Don’t Like To Fit In

Scorpios don’t like to follow the crowd; they don’t want to conform to what others expect of them.

They are more interested in forging their own path and exploring new ideas for themselves.

This can make them appear mysterious, sneaky, and secretive as outsiders won’t usually understand what they are doing and why.

6. They Don’t Trust Easily

It could take many years for a Scorpio to trust you and open up to you.

They don’t give their trust away easily, as they need to observe and assess your character before sharing personal information.

This makes them appear secretive and untrusting to those that don’t understand their rationale.

7. They Pay Attention and Act Accordingly

Scorpios don’t open up to show people a lot and usually might act a certain way around others to get what they want or pretend like they fit in.

What I mean by this is that they’ll act like they’re ok being in a situation, like a work party for example when deep inside they’re just planning a way to not participate, while at the same time appearing to be ok with it, just to seem like a team player.

This is not to say Scorpios are not team player, it just means that certain things are not important to them in the same way that it is to other people.

So now that you know why Scorpios appear secretive to others, let’s look at how honest they are;

Can Scorpios Be Trusted?

When it comes to trustworthiness, Scorpios are often seen as a complex puzzle, but they can absolutely be trusted.

They tend to be very loyal and trustworthy to those who they believe deserve their trust.

On the other hand, if they feel let down or betrayed by someone, it can be difficult for them to forgive the person who wronged them.

Given these complexities and nuances of their personality traits, Scorpios can certainly be trusted so long as their trust is earned and respected.

Their loyalty guarantees that when Scorpios do put their faith in someone, they will go out of their way to ensure that person knows they are appreciated and valued.

Are Scorpios Honest?

Scorpios are very honest, but they don’t necessarily wear their hearts on their sleeves. They are cautious when it comes to letting people in and will guard their emotions.

It generally takes a lot for someone to earn the trust of a Scorpion but once that is achieved; the loyalty, dedication, and honesty of a Scorpio is something that you can always count on.

While it might take them some time to open up and truly be vulnerable with someone, it just means that they are taking more time than most to make sure that the person they are trusting is worthy of their secrets and vulnerabilities.

Are Scorpios Fake?

Scorpios are definitely not fake – they just tend to put up a protective barrier!

Because they often value their privacy and are naturally reserved, people tend to mistake their behavior and write them off as fake.

However, in reality, Scorpios usually let their guard down when people understand them and accept them for who they really are.

They just need someone to be patient as well as understanding of their emotional needs and boundaries.

Scorpios Might Be Secretive and Sneaky But Not Fake

Scorpios can be mysterious, but their secrecy is often born out of a need for privacy and to protect themselves.

In the end, almost all Scorpios are trustworthy and loyal friends who want only the best for those closest to them.

If you’re looking to build a better relationship with a Scorpio, try to put yourself in their shoes and look at things from their point of view.

Don’t forget that they seek intimacy as much as anyone else; they just want it to come on their own terms.

Open communication will serve you both in coming closer together and understanding one another better.

And if things get too complicated or you can’t bridge the gap feel free to get help from an astrologer – they’ll be able to guide you in the right direction!

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