10 Signs A Scorpio is Sexually Attracted To You

When it comes to love, the Scorpio zodiac sign can be quite mysterious.

They don’t always show their feelings and they often take time to trust someone enough to open up and reveal their feelings.

However, there are some tell-tale signs that will tell you if a Scorpio is sexually attracted to you. Let’s take a look at two of them. 

1. Intense Eye Contact

Ask almost anyone and they’ll tell you that Scorpios are experts in the art of intense eye contact.

Eye contact is a very powerful form of communication, especially between men and women who like each other.

When a Scorpio is attracted to someone, they will maintain eye contact even during the most mundane conversations — this is usually an unconscious effort on their part because they want to show the other person how interested they are in them.

Additionally, if a Scorpio constantly looks away while talking but then looks back at you with intensity and passion, it’s likely that they’re trying to make you feel special and give off subtle cues of sexual attraction.  

2. Flirting

Using charm and wit, Scorpios excel in the art of flirting.

They effortlessly use their natural allure to show their attraction to someone by teasing, complimenting, and using subtle innuendos.

When Scorpios are interested in someone, they make it known with their charismatic and playful flirting style.

3. Physical Touch

A telltale sign of Scorpios’ physical attraction is when they touch you in an intimate way.

This could include touching your arm, hand, or shoulder as they talk with you.

The touch will be firm and sensual. 

 4. Sexual Talk

When it comes to expressing their desires, Scorpios don’t shy away from using suggestive language or dirty talk.

They may also ask intimate questions about your sex life or fantasies — this could be a way for them to test the waters and see how comfortable you are talking about such topics. 

5. Intense Emotions

When a Scorpio is attracted to someone, their emotions will be heightened and almost overwhelming.

They may seem more emotional or reactive than usual, and the feelings that come up can be intense.

If your Scorpio crush seems more passionate or emotionally charged than normal, it could be a sign they are attracted to you. 

6. Jealousy

One of the biggest signs of attraction from a Scorpio is jealousy.

They may become possessive of the person they’re interested in, and won’t like it when that person talks to other people—even friends and family members.

If your Scorpio friend becomes jealous when certain people enter the picture, it could mean they have deeper feelings for you than just friendship. 

7. Physical Appearance

If you notice that a Scorpio is taking more care of their physical appearance when they are around you, this could be a sign they are attracted to you.

They may put more effort into their clothes or hairstyle in order to make sure they look good for you.

Or maybe they start wearing makeup or trying out new looks with their clothing.

Whatever it is, if you notice them making an effort with their physical appearance when they’re around you, it could be a sign of attraction. 

8. Intimacy

When a Scorpio is sexually attracted to you they want to get closer and spend more quality time with you.

They may want to talk about personal topics or share stories from their life in order for both of you to get closer on an emotional level.

If the Scorpio is taking the time to open up and share personal things with you, this could mean that they feel comfortable enough with your presence and are beginning to feel something special for you. 

9. Seduction 

Scorpios are great at seduction, and when they are sexually attracted to someone, they will use their skills to create sexual tension.

They may do this in subtle or obvious ways.

For example, they might send flirty texts or use body language such as leaning in toward you when speaking.

They may also lower their voice or touch your arm lightly while talking.

All of these behaviors indicate that a Scorpio is interested in taking things further. 

10. Direct Approach 

Scorpios are also known for being assertive and direct about their intentions.

If a Scorpio is sexually attracted to someone, they will likely make it known through words or actions.

They may ask you out on a date or make other gestures that clearly demonstrate that they find you attractive.

A Scorpio won’t beat around the bush; they know what they want and won’t hesitate to go after it!

This direct approach can be intimidating but also exciting at times too. 

What do Scorpios like to do sexually?

Scorpios are very passionate when it comes to the bedroom, often viewing sex as a secret adventure and indulgence.

Although what any individual Scorpio likes sexually is highly personal, generally they prefer to be in control and explore fantasies with their partner.

They enjoy surprise and risk-taking including games, toys, light BDSM, touching pleasure points, and other stimulation.

They often also have strong emotional connections with their sexual partners due to their blend of deep passion and emotional understanding.

Scorpios also have an ability to truly take pleasure in being intimate with someone which makes them stand out from other zodiac signs.

How do you know if a Scorpio secretly likes you?

If you think a Scorpio has feelings for you, pay attention to their body language and how they act around you.

They might be more open and friendly than with other people or make subtle attempts at physical contact.

Look out for small signs of affection like gifts, compliments, or even silly jokes that Scorpios really only seem to share with those close to them.

It can also be helpful to notice if they check up on you often or update you on their whereabouts — these types of gestures usually signal hidden admiration.

  • Are they paying more attention to you than before?
  • Do they seem intent on learning everything they can about you?

You may even find them scattered around whenever you enter the same space.

These are all potentially good signs, but it’s important to remember that no one signal guarantees the existence of secret romantic interest.

Scorpio Attraction and What To Do

It can be difficult to decipher the signals of someone who seems unreadable – especially if it’s someone as complex as a Scorpio.

A good way to determine if a Scorpio is sexually attracted to you is by looking for signs of seduction and a direct approach.

If a Scorpio is using subtle body language like leaning in close when speaking or making it clear that they want something more than just friendship, then chances are they’re attracted to you!

It’s important not to jump too quickly into anything; take your time getting to know each other first before deciding whether or not there’s potential for something more between the two of you.

Ultimately, understanding the signs of attraction from a Scorpio will help you decide if pursuing them further is worth your time and energy!

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