5 Things It Means When A Scorpio Man Touches You

If you find yourself in the company of a Scorpio man, it’s likely that he’ll be attracted to you.

But what does it mean when he starts to touch you?

It could be a number of things — from his desire for connection to his interest in exploring something more.

Here are five potential meanings behind his touch.

1. Intimacy

A key characteristic of the Scorpio man is his desire for deep emotional and spiritual connections.

He is almost instinctively drawn towards this kind of intimacy and if he feels like there’s potential for a relationship, he’ll often touch your hand or arm as an invitation into that realm.

2. Nurturing

The Scorpio man loves taking care of people and if he sees an opportunity to nurture someone, it won’t take long for him to act on it.

His touching can signify that he wants to look after you, whether that means providing support or simply making sure that you feel comfortable around him.

3. Curiosity

A Scorpio man tends to be inquisitive about everything around him and isn’t afraid to explore new ideas or experiences.

If he touches you, it could be because he wants to know more about who you are and what makes you tick.

4. Passion

There’s no denying the intense passion that lies within the heart of a Scorpio man and if he touches you in any meaningful way, then it might just be because he wants something more than just friendship with you.

He might not always come right out and say it but his touch speaks volumes about his desires.

5. Respect

No matter where his touching leads, one thing is certain – if a Scorpio man takes the time to reach out and touch you in any way, then it means that he respects who you are and values your presence in his life.

Scorpio Touches Means Respect

A Scorpio man’s touch can mean many different things but ultimately all those potential meanings come down to one core sentiment – respect.

Whether the touching leads somewhere deeper or remains platonic, at its essence his action signifies respect for who you are as a person.

So don’t forget when a Scorpio man touches you, take note – there’s likely something much deeper going on beneath the surface!

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