Are Scorpio Men Great Dads (Survey)

In this survey, I asked 127 people if they think Scorpio men were great dads.

By The Numbers

Let’s look at what everyone said out of the 127 respondents.

  • Yes (63 voted)
  • No (7 voted)
  • I don’t know (57 voted)
Are Scorpio men great dads survey

What are the Respondents Saying?

Respondent #1

I am a Scorpio dad and I think I’m a pretty f**king awesome dad.

Respondent #2

One of my uncles is a Scorpio and also a great dad, who is very humble, understanding, forward-thinking, and always puts his family first.

I have another older uncle who is also a Scorpio but is the complete opposite, he’s nasty to others and his kids but never apologizes for his behaviors or change.

I don’t believe being a Scorpio makes a father good or bad, it all comes down to who the person is.

Just pay attention to how a person is when things don’t go their way and if you notice signs of abuse head in the other direction.


From this survey, there is some proof that Scorpio men can be extremely passionate, devoted, and protective when it comes to their families.

But some can also be toxic as well.

At the end of the day, it’s probably unwise to use a zodiac sign to completely define a person. People are sometimes more complicated than their zodiac signs.

There are values, goals, perspectives, and life experiences that might also influence what type of dad a Scorpio man might be.

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