Scorpios and cuddles: Do they like them?

Some people believe that Scorpios are the best lovers because of their intensity and passion but do they make good cuddlers too?

The answer to this question may depend on who you ask. If you’re in a relationship with a Scorpio they may not have a problem giving cuddles, so long as you’re not asking for it every day, because it may come off as needy and clingy.

Scorpios are also ok with cuddling their kids but they’re not into cuddling people they are not in an intimate or parenting relationship with.

For example, a Scorpio might not want to cuddle a friend as that may be too close for them in that relationship.

But other Scorpios probably wouldn’t mind cuddling a friend if they had a deeper relationship between them.

So it really depends.

Let’s learn some more about snuggling up with a Scorpio.

Do Scorpios like to cuddle?

To prove that Scorpios like cuddles, I asked 127 Scorpios in a survey if they liked to cuddle and 93% of them said yes, while only 7% said no.

What was interesting though is that some of them also said that they wanted to cuddle sometimes, while others wanted to do it all the time.

Take a look at the chart below and see for yourself.

Do You Like To Cuddle survey

While Scorpios may not be the most cuddly sign of the zodiac, they can definitely enjoy a good cuddle session every now and then.

It just depends on who’s asking for it and how often cuddles are asked for.

Scorpios are generally ok giving cuddles to their kids and the people they’re in a loving relationship with.

But don’t expect a cuddle from them if you’re just a friend looking for one unless your relationship is on a whole other level.

5 Best positions for cuddling with a Scorpio?

Scorpios usually prefer to cuddle in positions that allow them to be close to your face, so they can look into your eyes and feel your breath on their skin.

They also like to cuddle in positions where they can wrap their arms around you and feel your heartbeat.

But mostly they prefer to go with the flow and cuddle in a position that feels great for you but helps them connect with you as well.

Here are some cuddling positions that Scorpios tend to like:

1. Spooning position

The Spooning position is one of the most common cuddling positions, and it’s popular for a reason – it feels amazing!

In this position, one person wraps their arms around the other from behind while both people are lying on their sides.

This position allows for a lot of skin-to-skin contact, which is perfect for Scorpios who love to feel close to their partner.

It’s also a very intimate position, as it allows both partners to feel each other’s heartbeat and breathe in each other’s scent.

If you’re cuddling with a Scorpio in the Spooning position, you can expect them to hold you close and tight. They may also kiss your neck and whisper sweet things in your ear.

This position is perfect for Scorpios who want to feel close to their partner but still have the option to move around and explore.

The only downside to this position is that it can get a bit too hot if you’re both wearing heavy clothing or blankets.

2. Resting your head on their chest

Resting your chest on a Scorpios chest while cuddling is one of the most comforting and intimate things you can do.

This position allows you to feel their heartbeat and listen to the rhythm of their breathing.

It’s also a great way to feel their body heat and enjoy the closeness of their embrace.

If you’re seeking a deeper connection with a Scorpio, this is a good cuddling position to try.

3. Ying-yang position

The ying-yang cuddling position is when two people put their heads on each other’s legs in a way that their bodies resemble the yin-yang symbol.

This position can be very intimate and can create a deep connection between the two people.

It’s a great way to cuddle if you want to avoid feeling claustrophobic.

It’s a very good position for you and a Scorpio to cuddle because it allows both of you to be in control while still being able to show affection.

4. Seated position

The seated cuddling position is when you sit side by side, with your hips touching, and hug.

This position allows for good conversation and eye contact.

It’s a more formal cuddling position, but it can still be very intimate.

The seated position is a great cuddling position if you want to feel close to your Scorpio partner but still have the option to move around if needed.

This is also sort of a friendly cuddle because it’s so easy to do, so when you do it, you don’t feel like you’re forcing anything.

5. Lounge chair position

The lounge chair cuddling position is when you sit with your back to the wall, open your legs in a v-shape and have the other person sit in front of you with their back towards you.

This position allows for a great embrace as you get to really be close with the other person.

This position only allows one person to do the cuddling and that would be the person who has their legs in the v-shape.

It’s perfect for when you want to cuddle and talk or watch TV together and can create an intimate experience for you and your Scorpio.

How to tell if a Scorpio is interested in cuddling with you

If you’re wondering how to tell if a Scorpio is interested in snuggling up with you, there are a few things to look for.

Ask yourself why they would even want to cuddle with you in the first place. Are you in a close and loving relationship?

Scorpios are very intuitive, so they will likely pick up on your own desire to cuddle. They may also give you subtle physical cues, such as moving closer to you, making eye contact, or touching you in a gentle way.

If you notice any of these signals, it’s a good idea to make the first move and invite the Scorpio into your arms.

But the most important thing to do is look at their body language, and if it looks inviting for a hug that might be a good sign.

Once you’re cuddling, pay attention to the Scorpio’s body language. If they seem relaxed and content, it’s a good sign that they’re enjoying your company.

However, if the person seems tense or uncomfortable, it’s probably best to give them some space and not initiate a hug.

Ultimately, the best way to tell if a Scorpio is interested in cuddling is to simply ask them. If they say yes, then you can be sure that they’re ok with being cuddled so you don’t have to second guess yourself.

What are some of the benefits of cuddling with a Scorpio

Cuddling with a Scorpio has many benefits, both physical and emotional.

Feeling closeness and love

Locking arms or chests with a Scorpio can help to increase tactile sensitivity.

Have you ever been hugged by someone and felt like you wanted to melt away in their hands? This is what I mean. Feeling closeness and love.

This is because feeling pressed up against someone else’s body can heighten the experience of physical sensation, making everything more pleasurable.

Build intimacy and trust

Cuddling with a Scorpio promotes intimacy and trust.

Being physically close to someone you love allows you to open up your heart and mind in a way that helps to deepen your connection.

Builds security and safety

Being embraced by a Scorpio fosters feelings of security and safety.

Whether it’s causing your worries and fears to melt away or simply providing warmth on cold days, being held by someone you trust is always comforting.

If you’re looking for an intimate bonding experience that also provides practical benefits, cuddling up with a Scorpio is great for both of you.


The majority of Scorpios do enjoy a good cuddle, with some exceptions.

Most Scorpios will not cuddle with just anyone and they’ll probably cuddle with you only if they’re in a loving relationship.

Most are not the kind of people to cuddle with a friend unless the relationship is deeper between you two.

Cuddling with a Scorpio can provide many benefits, both physical and emotional.

If you’re looking for an intimate bonding experience that involves more than just sex, cuddling is a great way to show your Scorpio partner that you care, connect on a deeper level, strengthen intimacy and build trust between the both of you.

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