15 Best Secret Tips To Make A Scorpio Man Obsessed With You

I am just going to say it right away, if you want to make a Scorpio man obsessed and addicted to you, you’ve got to play into his expectations and likes.

Scorpio men have a lot of curiosity and passion and if you can give them an interesting experience, you will have them hooked.

They like to be challenged and teased and never forget a woman who knows how to get their attention.

Here are some ways you can get a Scorpio man to become obsessed with you:

1. Be confident and sexy around him

Scorpio men are so honest that I can guarantee if you ask any of them about how important confidence in a woman is, they will tell you that it’s one of the first things they look for.

A woman’s confidence is like gasoline on a fire to a Scorpio man.

And if you want him to become obsessed with you, then you should bring out your inner sexiness.

Scorpio men love women who are not afraid to be sensual and they truly appreciate the beauty of a woman’s body, but most of all they love it when you are happy in your own skin.

2. Live your own life and be busy sometimes

Scorpio men crave attention and loyalty, but they also love their alone time. Don’t suffocate him with your presence, let him go out and do his own thing.

Live your own life, make time for your own interest, and don’t always be available to him. If you do this it will give him time to miss you, wonder what you’re doing, and become obsessed with you.

Also, don’t be too available when it comes to sex either; being a bit unavailable will make him want you more.

But don’t force this too much because Scorpio men can sense when they are being manipulated and it may backfire on you. Do it subtly with him.

3. Be mysterious and unpredictable

Scorpio men love a bit of mystery and the thrill of the chase.

Keep things interesting and unpredictable, while at the same time showing him that you’re trustworthy.

If you show your Scorpio man that you’re an interesting and mysterious individual, he’ll be drawn to you, become addicted, and always want more of you, in his attempt to figure you out and lure you in.

4. Compliment him

Scorpio men like compliments and words of appreciation just like most people. Of course, they won’t say it out loud, but they’ll definitely blush inside.

Praise him for his hard work and achievements, tell him how great his ideas are, and make sure to let him know how much you appreciate his efforts.

Compliment him on the little things like what he’s wearing or a new haircut, and make him feel special and loved.

Another cute little trick is to let him see that you’re undressing him with your eyes. Stare at certain places and let him see you do it.

This will also help get him addicted to you because it tells him you’re interested in him.

5. Be honest and straightforward with him

Scorpio men appreciate honesty and directness more than anything.

Don’t ever be afraid to tell him how you feel or what you think, and don’t be afraid to disagree with him.

Show him that you are strong and confident in your opinions, but also be respectful.

Honesty can help build a stronger bond with a Scorpio man and if done right, it will make him even more obsessed with you because he’ll see that you’re your own person.

6. Tease and flirt with him

Scorpio men are not only passionate, but they love to be teased and flirted with.

In the beginning, don’t take things too far, but just enough to make him feel desired and wanted.

Playing around with him can show that you like him. But it also makes him wonder what will happen next and imagine different things.

Which by the way, is a great tactic to get him addicted to you to the point where he’s thinking about you even when you’re not around.

The reason why this works is because a woman who can flirt shows the Scorpio man that she has a great sense of humor and having a great sense of humor is very attracted to a Scorpio man.

7. Don’t be full of yourself

Do you like people who are stuck up and arrogant? Neither does a Scorpio man.

Don’t try to impress him by telling him what you have and what you do, or trying to be better than him.

Be humble and modest, but still confident in yourself.

Showing him that you’re comfortable with who you are and have no need to impress anyone will make him more drawn to you.

A Scorpio man is attracted to someone who can be both strong and humble.

8. Make him happy and be happy around him

You and I can both agree that most of us love being around people who make us happy or are happy themselves.

The same goes for a Scorpio man; he loves to be around people who can make him laugh and are generally happy themselves.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be fake happy at all, but it’s important to let him see your positive and light side.

Being around someone who is in a good mood most of the time is very attractive to a Scorpio man, it gives him something that he can’t resist.

9. Be playful and touchy with him

Touching can be a way to make your Scorpio man obsessed with you.

Touch him casually when you are talking, but also be playful with it and natural.

Hug him and play around with him to show him that you’re confident around him and it will make him feel even more attracted to you.

Physical contact with a Scorpio man can be very powerful and make him even more obsessed with you.

10. Wear a nice perfume around him

Got a great perfume? Wear it when you see your Scorpio man.

Scorpio men love a nice smell, and if you wear something that he loves, it will make them even more drawn to and addicted to you.

It may sound silly, but having a nice smell when around your Scorpio man is a great way to make him obsess over you even more.

Especially when you’re not around, he’ll remember how you smelled.

11. Be youthful around him

There’s nothing like a girl who can act like a child sometimes.

A Scorpio man loves it when you act like a child and show your inner joy because it shows that you enjoy life.

This can make him feel more attracted to you and start thinking about you more often.

Being youthful also shows him that you’re not a boring person, which is something that most Scorpio men don’t like.

Let your inner child come out and show him how much fun life can be with someone like you.

12. Ask him for a hug

Oh yeah believe it or not this is a cool trick to get some Scorpio man to think about you a lot.

Hugs are great and everybody gives them differently, so when you hug him it gives you a chance to be closer and more intimate.

Plus, hugs are really comforting and show that you trust him and feel secure around him.

This type of closeness will make your Scorpio man more interested in you and what kind of relationship he can have with you – something that can really get him to think about you when you’re not around

13. Talk about each other passion

The cool thing about passion is that it brings people closer together when they share similar ones.

So, try talking to him about what both of you are passionate about and it will make him feel more connected and interested in you.

It will also show him that you’re open and willing to share your passions with someone, which can make him even more obsessed with you.

It can also give you a chance to get to know each other better, which is what Scorpio men love in a relationship.

This creates an opportunity for him to ask you many follow-up questions, which can help him build an even stronger bond with you and he will feel like he truly knows you.

14. Ask him what he’s into

Asking your Scorpio man what he is passionate about can be a great way to make him obsess over you even more.

Scorpio men are very passionate and they like it when someone listens to them talk about their interests.

Try to ask him questions and be genuinely interested in what he has to say.

This will make him feel like you really care about who he is and what he’s into, which is something that will make him always want to be in your presence.

15. Give him space sometimes

Yes, he may love your attention and wants you to prove your loyalty to him, but sometimes it’s important to give him some space and time on his own.

This will show him that you respect his boundaries and that you’re not too clingy.

It also can help him realize how much he misses and needs you when you’re not around, causing him to always want to be near you, which is a sneaky way to make him become addicted to you.

Do Scorpio men get obsessed?

When it comes to Scorpio men, obsession is a strong word! While yes, it is true that Scorpio men have passionate emotions and intense reactions to situations, this does not always translate into obsession.

Usually, it just means that they are highly motivated and driven people who strive to get the most out of their relationships and experiences.

In certain cases, they can become overwhelmed with whatever they’re doing or feeling and might appear extreme in their behavior.

While it’s important to recognize when someone’s emotions are spiraling towards obsession, often times Scorpio men are misunderstood due to their emotionally charged personalities.

Understanding them better can help avoid confusion or misinterpretation of their actions- so communication is key if you want to know what your Scorpio man is thinking.

Do Scorpio men get obsessed with women?

When it comes to Scorpio men and their attitude toward women, there is no one answer.

The truth is, every Scorpio man is different and has their own interpretation of love.

Some may be more passionate and romantic than others, while some can come off as very intense about their relationships.

Whether or not a particular Scorpio man exhibits “obsessiveness” when it comes to women will greatly depend on his unique personality.

That being said, many Scorpio men do possess qualities associated with obsession due to their passionate nature, so it’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility that a particular man might develop obsessive behaviors in a relationship setting.

How do you know if a Scorpio man is obsessed with you?

If a Scorpio man is obsessed with you, it can be quite clear.

Signs of obsession include an overbearing need to be around you or keep tabs on your whereabouts; obsessive texts, calls, or emails; and an overly protective attitude.

While their possessive nature is deeply rooted in love and loyalty, it can start to feel a bit extreme and stifling if they become too attached too quickly.

If you notice any of these signs early on in the relationship, the best thing to do is to have an open conversation about your feelings and make sure that you and him are comfortable with the intensity of the connection.

How to make a Scorpio man addicted to you?

To make a Scorpio man addicted to you, the key is to be yourself and let him get to know all your facets.

Make sure that he is aware of how genuine and trusting you truly are.

Show him that you are an independent woman who can take care of herself, and demonstrate your loyalty by showering him with appreciation for the little things he does.

Show some creativity in approaching intimacy; Scorpios pay close attention to detail, so tantalize his mind as well as his physicality.

Ultimately, Scorpio men appreciate a partner who gives as good as they take – something they value above all – don’t hesitate to keep them on their toes by expressing faith in your own abilities and ambitions.

How do Scorpio men get emotionally attached?

Many people may think of Scorpio men as mysterious and difficult to read, but in reality, they have no problem expressing and receiving fulfilling emotional connections.

When a Scorpio man starts to form an emotional attachment, it’s usually as a result of an intensity that comes from deep admiration.

He likes to get to know someone inside and out before forming a bond – whether it be through conversation or various activities – in order to make sure there is an authentic connection and emotion between them.

As a result of this intensity, the emotional attachment formed with a Scorpio man often cuts very deep, making it potentially difficult for him if the connection doesn’t last.

Other ways to make a Scorpio man obsessed and addicted to you

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