10 Signs A Scorpio Man is Playing You

When most people think about Scorpios, passion, and loyalty probably come to mind, but I can assure Scorpios aren’t all passionate and loyal and they can definitely play others.

In fact, they can be quite cold and calculating when it comes to relationships, but only if you push them to the edge.

Have you ever dated a Scorpio man who seemed too good to be true? Someone who made all the right gestures and said all the right things—only to disappear when you least expect it?

If so, he may have been playing games with you. Here are some signs you might being played by a Scorpio man:

1. He is Not Committed To You

A Scorpio will do whatever it takes to get what he wants from you—including telling you what you want to hear. But if his actions don’t match his words, then be wary.

A Scorpio man who is playing games won’t commit to things like making plans or going on dates with you because he knows that commitment means responsibility and he doesn’t want that.

But most of all he doesn’t want a relationship with you, he just wants to enjoy the thrill of the chase.

2. His Actions Don’t Match His Words

When a Scorpio man says one thing but does another, it’s time to pay attention.

A Scorpio man can become very manipulative and can be an expert at saying one thing and doing another if he’s trying to keep you around.

So if his actions don’t match up with his words, then chances are he’s playing games.

He may say he loves you but not act like it, or make promises he never keeps—watch out for this behavior and take it as a red flag that something might not be quite right.

3. You’re Asking If He’s Playing You

If you find yourself asking whether or not your Scorpio man is playing games with you, chances are he probably is.

Scorpio men love the thrill of the chase and they know how to manipulate people into thinking they feel a certain way about them – to keep their options open- when in reality they don’t.

If your gut instinct tells you something isn’t right, trust your intuition and address things before they get too complicated or messy.

4. He Broke up With His Girlfriend To Be With You

Never start a relationship with a man who left someone else to be with you or you set yourself up for mind games and trust issues to affect your relationship.

He may have been playing his last girlfriend all along and is trying to pull the same trick on you.

A person who has genuine feelings for someone else would never break up with their partner just so they can pursue someone else; instead, they would end their current relationship before starting anything new out of respect for both partners involved.

So if this happens to you, take it as a sign that something isn’t quite right here and proceed with caution until more facts come to light.

5. He is Inconsistent With Plans You Make Together

When it comes to making plans together or following through on things promised in conversation or text messages between the two of you if you noticed a lot of inconsistencies and changes at the last minute these may be signs he’s playing games with you.

When someone isn’t being sincere about their feelings for you, they often back out of plans at the last minute or forget about them altogether until reminded again—so watch out for this behavior with your Scorpio man as an indication that something isn’t quite right!

6. He Does Things Alone and Doesn’t Include You

Let me ask you a question, do you like hanging out with someone you like? I’m going to guess your answer is yes.

So, if a Scorpio man says he likes you and is in a relationship with you, why would he want to hang out alone all the time and never include you?

This could be a sign that he’s not serious about you and is more interested in playing than having a relationship. He may also have someone else on the side which he doesn’t want to include you in.

Either way, if your Scorpio man is consistently going out alone and not including you in activities or outings, it’s a red flag you probably shouldn’t ignore.

7. Love Bombing You Out of Nowhere  

Love bombing is when someone showers you with compliments, gifts, and affection in order to win you over quickly without actually investing any real emotion into their relationship long-term.

If your man suddenly starts telling you how perfect/beautiful/amazing/wonderful/etc…you are out of nowhere (or seemingly overnight), something fishy might be going on here!

Especially if you haven’t seen or heard from him in a while, this kind of behavior is usually the result of someone trying to manipulate you or keep you around – watch out for it.

8. He Makes You Work For The Relationship More

A Scorpio man who’s playing you won’t make it easy for you to get close to him.

He will keep his distance and make sure that it’s always up to you to make the first move.

He won’t call or text unless it suits him, and he definitely won’t take initiative when it comes to planning dates or getting together.

It will always feel like he is pushing you away instead of pulling you closer.

9. He Gets Mad if You Talk About Your Feelings For Him

If you try to open up about your feelings for him, chances are he won’t want to hear it.

A Scorpio man who’s playing games will immediately shut down any serious conversations about the future of your relationship.

He might deflect your questions or turn them into jokes, so don’t expect any kind of real answers from him.

10. He Ghost You and Then Text You Randomly

If a Scorpio man is playing mind games with you, he may disappear for days or weeks at a time without warning.

When he finally does resurface, it will likely be out of the blue—a random text message or phone call just to check in on what you’re up to.

These sudden appearances could easily be interpreted as attempts to keep tabs on whether or not you have moved on without him yet.                 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Not All Scorpio Men Are The Same But Some Play Games

If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a Scorpio man, you know that it can be difficult to tell when he’s playing games with your heart.

Scorpio men are known for being mysterious and hard to read. They can be passionate and loyal one day, then distant the next.

If your Scorpio man shows the behaviors I spoke about above, it could be an indication that he is playing mind games with you instead of being genuine and honest in the relationship.

That doesn’t mean there’s no hope; with patience and understanding, it’s possible to work through these issues together and build a strong connection once again—but only if both parties are willing to put in the effort!

It’s important to remember that you should never have to put up with being played; no matter what star sign somebody may fall under!

Don’t allow yourself to be played by a manipulative Scorpio man; if something doesn’t feel right, trust your intuition, act accordingly, and ask him questions!

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