15 Ways to Tell if a Scorpio Woman Misses You

Because a Scorpio woman is good at hiding her feelings, if she wants to, it can be hard to really tell if she misses you when you’re not around.

I would agree that because of their deep emotional connections and passionate nature, she would be willing to open up all the time about how she feels, but this is not always the case with every Scorpio woman.

But there are some signs that can help.

Whether you’re just starting to date or you’ve been together for years, these signs will help you understand her feelings better.

1. Avoids contact

If a Scorpio woman is missing you, she might intentionally avoid contact with you.

Maybe she thinks you’re too much for her, she doesn’t know how to open up and tell you how she feels, or she just wants to keep her feelings hidden.

Don’t fret, she’s not trying to push you away but is probably trying to figure out her own emotions.

2. Short replies

When a Scorpio woman is in love, she is usually not short of words.

But when she is missing you, you might notice her replies are shorter than usual.

Don’t mistake this for her being cold or distant, it just means she’s probably testing you to get you to chase because she wants to see if you feel the same way toward her.

3. Rare texts

Scorpios are not known for initiating conversations, but if they really like you, they will make sure to keep in touch.

If you notice that she’s not texting you as frequently as she used to, but out of the blue you receive a text from them, it could be a sign that she’s missing you.

4. Reminisces together

Scorpios love to hold on to good memories.

If she brings up past conversations, jokes, or experiences you shared together, it’s a sign that she’s feeling nostalgic and wants to hold on to those special moments.

5. Asks questions about you

A Scorpio woman who is missing you will want to know everything about you.

She will ask questions and try to get to know you better.

This is a clear sign that she’s still interested in you and wants to maintain a strong connection.

6. Flirts with you

Scorpios are known for being passionate and intense.

If she still flirts with you like she used to, it’s a sign that her attraction to you hasn’t waned, and she wants to maintain that spark between you.

7. Talks about your future together

Scorpios don’t invest their time and energy in relationships that don’t matter to them.

If she’s talking about a future with you, it’s a clear sign that she’s not ready to let go and is missing you tremendously.

8. Gets jealous of others around you

Scorpios are possessive and jealous lovers.

If she gets jealous when you talk to other people, or if she feels threatened by other women around you, it means that she’s missing the connection you share and wants to keep those feelings alive.

9. Finds excuses to be close to you

Scorpios are not afraid of being upfront about their feelings.

If she’s finding excuses to be close to you, it’s a clear sign that she wants to maintain that physical connection and stay in touch with you.

10. Expresses strong emotions towards you

Scorpios are intense lovers who leave nothing to the imagination.

If she’s still expressing strong emotions towards you, like telling you she loves you or expressing her feelings through poetry or other creative acts, it’s a clear sign that she’s missing you terribly.

11. Gives meaningful gifts and compliments

Scorpios are not known for being chatty, but when they compliment you, it’s usually genuine and heartfelt.

If she’s giving you meaningful gifts or showering you with compliments, it’s a clear sign that she wants to keep the connection alive and is missing you.

12. Stares deeply into your eyes

Scorpios are masters at reading body language and are consistent with making intense eye contact.

If she stares into your eyes for longer than usual, it’s a sign that she’s emotionally invested in you and wants you to reciprocate those feelings.

13. Interrogates you about your love life

Scorpios have a possessive streak and want to know everything about their partner’s past and present relationships.

If she’s asking you a lot of questions about your past romantic relationships, it’s a clear sign that she’s missing you, and wants to make sure that you’re not interested in anyone else.

14. Shows up unexpectedly when she knows where you’ll be

Scorpios are not afraid to take risks.

If she shows up unexpectedly at your workplace or at an event where she knows you’ll be, it’s a sign that she’s missing you and wants to surprise you.

15. Can sense when something is off with you or your behavior toward her

Scorpios are naturally intuitive and can pick up on subtle changes in people’s behavior.

If she senses that you’re distant or something is off, she’ll confront you about it because she doesn’t want to lose the connection you share.

How To Get A Scorpio Woman To Admit That They Miss You?

Getting a Scorpio woman to open up and admit to you that they miss you might not be easy, because she can be quite secretive and guarded.

But there are a few things you can do to show them that you care and make them feel comfortable enough to admit their feelings.

The first step is to be patient and give them space when they need it, as Scorpios value their independence.

Then, try to connect with them on a deeper level by engaging in meaningful conversations and showing them that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say.

If you can make them feel emotionally connected to you, they may feel more comfortable admitting how much they miss you.

How To Know For Sure If A Scorpio Woman Miss You?

If you want to know for sure if a Scorpio woman misses you, let me tell you, it’s not always easy to read.

They can be quite secretive about their emotions and send mixed signals.

One way to understand a Scorpio woman better though is to speak with an astrologer and ask them specific questions you have.

They can take a closer look at your unique situation and help you interpret any signs or behaviors that you’ve noticed.

For instance, Scorpio women tend to be very intense and passionate lovers.

So, if you haven’t heard from her in a while, it’s possible she’s just taking some time to figure things out that are happening in her life.

But if she suddenly starts texting you more frequently or seeking out your company, it could be a clear signal that she’s missing you.

It’s always best to confirm your suspicions with the help of an expert astrologer who can provide you with a detailed analysis of your astrological compatibility with a Scorpio woman.

Remember, astrology is all about understanding and interpreting the unique energy patterns that govern our lives, so there’s no better way to decode a Scorpio’s feelings than by consulting the stars.

A Scorpio Woman Can Miss You and Not Tell You

Phew! That was a lot of information! I hope you found these signs helpful.

Remember that every Scorpio is different, and she might not show all the signs on this list.

But if you see a combination of these behaviors, it’s a good sign that she’s still invested in you and wants to keep the connection strong.

Ultimately, though, the best way to know for sure is just to ask her directly.

Scorpios value honesty and authenticity above all else, and if she senses your sincerity, she’ll probably open up to you.

Good luck, trust your instincts and get an astrologer to help you out if you need help figuring things out.

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