We Asked 230 Scorpios, Are You Shy?

Scorpios are often mistaken as being shy, sometimes because of their quietness. This survey was conducted to see what they thought.

By The Numbers

This survey had 230 participants. Let’s take a look at what everyone had to say.

  • Yes (158 voted)
  • No (72 voted)
we asked 230 Scorpios, Are you shy

What are the Respondents Saying?

Respondent #1

I’m shy but I pretend not to be

Respondent #2

I’m not shy but I am very observant and reserved.

I am very bold but if I am in an environment or around people who come off as untrustworthy I tend to speak less and observe more.

And I tend to be very selective with the people whom I engage with.

Respondent #3

I’m not shy at all and I can be pretty bold when it’s necessary and I am not interested in wasting my time and energy on negative people.

But most of the time I tend to just observe others and my environment.

Respondent #4

I don’t think I am shy even though I am not usually the first to go up to someone and initiate a Conversation.

Respondent #5

Too shy to even say this

Respondent #6

I feel shy but other people insist that I am not shy but I think because on the outside people see me as being very confident.

Being shy doesn’t always mean that there is a lack of confidence but for some reason, my show of confidence is seen as not being shy.


Many Scorpios are shy and most of them are very ok with sitting back to observe the people around and their environment.

This urge to be observant is often misunderstood by others as them being shy when the reality is that’s not the case.

Scorpios can be reserved at times which might also feel like shyness which is probably why 66% of the Scorpios who responded say that they’re shy.

That said don’t be fooled by their shyness or perceived shyness because they’re quick to speak up when they’re ready.

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