9 Things Scorpios Like To Do Sexually

I don’t know if you knew, but Scorpios are widely known for their intense and passionate personalities, and this extends to their sexual preferences as well.

In fact, many people believe that Scorpio is one of the most sexually adventurous and enthusiastic signs of the zodiac.

With a reputation for being fearless, daring, and highly sensual, Scorpios are often considered to be “freaks in the sheets” by those who have had the pleasure of experiencing their erotic energy firsthand.

So, if you’re looking for a partner who is unafraid to explore their deepest desires and indulge in their wildest fantasies and yours, a Scorpio might just be the perfect match for you.

But before we can even get to that comfort level, let’s look at some of the things they like sexually first:

1. Role-playing

For Scorpios, role-playing is a way to escape reality and indulge in their deepest desires.

They find pleasure in playing different roles and exploring new sexual experiences with their

partner. This is when they truly get to explore their partner.

Whether it’s a submissive or dominant role, a Scorpio will dive into the fantasy with complete commitment, making the experience all the more thrilling for their partner.

2. Bondage

Scorpios tend to have a strong affinity for bondage and the associated elements such as blindfolds and handcuffs.

Being restrained and dominated by their partner can be a highly erotic experience for Scorpios, as it allows them to surrender control and fully immerse themselves in the moment.

However, Scorpios also enjoy taking on the dominant role in BDSM play and may get pleasure from taking control and exerting power over their partner.

This is meant to be a fun way for everyone to explore each other safely.

3. Sensual touch

Sex is an opportunity to explore what your partner likes and Scorpios are highly sensitive to sensual touch and take great pleasure in being touched all over their body.

They appreciate the art of touch and take their time to explore and discover their partner’s body, making them great lovers who are willing to put in the time and effort to make the experience unforgettable.

4. Dirty talk

Scorpios are all about communication in the bedroom, and that means getting down and dirty with some saucy talk.

They thrive on partners who are willing to be vocal about their desires and aren’t afraid to let loose with some naughty language.

If you’re looking to turn up the heat and get things really steamy with a Scorpio, don’t be shy about letting them know exactly what you want.

They’ll be more than happy to reciprocate if everybody is comfortable exploring.

5. Oral sex

This is where Scorpios are masters because they understand their partner and make it very engaging.

When it comes to oral sex, Scorpios not only enjoy receiving it but are also highly skilled at giving it.

They know how to explore different techniques and take their time, making the experience pleasurable for their partner as well as themselves.

This ability to read their partner and respond to their needs makes Scorpios exceptional lovers in the bedroom.

6. Exhibitionism

They must first be comfortable with you, sexually attracted to you, and trust you, but Scorpios can be quite adventurous in the bedroom.

One of their sexual likes is exhibitionism, where they get pleasure from the thrill of being watched or showing off in a sexual context.

This may involve having sex in public places or incorporating voyeurism into their play.

7. Rough and Gentle Passionate sex

Yes, this is a thing: Scorpios tend to enjoy both rough and gentle passionate sex.

They often have a preference for being dominant or submitting to their partner in a safe and consensual manner.

Scorpios appreciate partners who are willing to explore and experiment with different levels of intensity and can read their cues to know when to be rough or gentle.

8. Multiple orgasms

I think we all love a good orgasm, and Scorpios are no exception.

With their insatiable appetite for pleasure, Scorpios often have a high sex drive and are capable of achieving multiple orgasms during sexual encounters.

They value partners who take the time to explore their body and understand their unique desires, allowing them to fully indulge in the intense sensations that they crave.

For Scorpios, the ultimate sexual experience is one that is deeply satisfying and leaves them completely fulfilled.

9. Variety

Doing the same thing over and over can become boring, especially for Scorpios who enjoy exploring different sexual experiences.

They have a tendency to get bored with routine and crave variety in the bedroom.

As a result, Scorpios appreciate partners who are open to trying new things and exploring their sexual boundaries together.

For them, experimenting with different positions, techniques, and fantasies is not only exciting but also a way to deepen their intimacy and connection with their partner.

Where do Scorpios like to be touched at?

Scorpios tend to be sensual creatures and often enjoy being touched, especially in areas like their lower backs and behind their ears.

They tend to prefer a light touch on these areas as they can be quite sensitive.

They also find stimulation on other parts of their bodies, such as the calves or inner thighs.

Whatever the area may be, it’s important to always ask permission before touching another person—especially a Scorpio!

When a Scorpio feels secure and respected in their intimate relationships, they are more inclined to respond positively to any type of touching.

How can I sexually seduce a Scorpio?

If you want to seduce a Scorpio remember that they are drawn to mystery and intrigue.

They enjoy a challenge and appreciate someone who can keep up with their intense energy.

To appeal to a Scorpio’s sexual desires, try to tap into their primal instincts by exploring your own sexuality and expressing your desires openly.

Scorpios are also known for their love of power dynamics, so exploring dominance and submission roles in the bedroom can be a turn-on for them.

What is Scorpio’s kissing style?

When it comes to a Scorpio kissing style Scorpios tend to be very focused and present in the moment, which means that when they kiss, they put their full attention and energy into it.

They’re not the type to be distracted or easily pulled away from the moment, and they want their partner to feel the intensity of their desire.

Scorpios may start off slow and sensual, with gentle kisses that gradually build in intensity.

They may use their hands to caress their partner’s face, neck, or back, heightening the experience and creating a deeper connection.

As things heat up, Scorpios can become more adventurous and explorative with their kissing.

They may use their tongue more freely, teasing their partner with unexpected movements and sensations.

Overall, Scorpios are all about creating a deep, intimate connection with their partner through their kissing style.

They want to make sure their partner feels desired and loved, and they’re not afraid to go all in to make that happen.

But the way this is done will really depend on the individual Scorpio.

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