Would You Forgive Someone That Hurt You and Apologize? (Survey)

In this survey, I asked 178 Scorpios if they would forgive someone who betrayed them.

I was very curious what these responses would be because I have always heard that most Scorpios are very unforgiving.

By The Numbers

This survey had 178 participants. Let’s look at what everyone said.

  • No – Never (21 voted)
  • Yes – I would (25 voted)
  • It depends on what they did (132 voted)
Scorpio graph about forgiving others

What are the Respondents Saying?

Respondent #1

I am very forgiving but when someone tries to hurt me intentionally, that’s a no-go.

I’m ok with apologies as long as they are sincere and the person has or decides to change.

That doesn’t mean we’ll ever be friends again either. I also love when people apologize after they’ve reflected on what they did wrong and not out of force.

Respondent #2

Nope, they can kiss my a**. They knew what they were doing when they hurt me.

Respondent #3

If they were put in a position to hurt me and did it but not intentionally I can forgive them but otherwise, it’s game on.


From this survey, we can say that Scorpios are not easily forgiving, and whether or not they forgive you is very dependent on what you did to them.

This is something that has been agreed on by 74% of the respondents.

The fact that most of the respondents say that it depends, is a good sign that Scorpios are not as cold-hearted as some might have thought.

But being forgiving to you doesn’t mean they’ll want to still remain friends with you though.

The reality is that if you hurt a Scorpio once you may never be able to hurt them again because as long as you remain in their life, they will make sure to keep you at a distance, physically or emotionally.

In another survey, I asked Scorpios if they would get into a serious relationship with someone they have friends with benefits status with. Check that out.

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