18 Signs a Scorpio man might be testing you

There’s no getting around it — the Scorpio man can be a bit of a test.

He’s not one to reveal his hand easily, and he loves to see how far he can push you before you break, even though he would rather you not give up on him.

But if you’re up for the challenge, there’s nothing quite like the game of tug-of-war with a Scorpio man. The more intense the battle, the more alive he feels.

His constant testing is to see if he can trust you without needing to watch his back or prepare for a worst-case scenario.

A Scorpio man might test you in many different ways. Here are some of them:

18 Signs a Scorpio man is testing you

1. He’ll ask how your relationship ended

One common way a Scorpio man tests you is by asking about your past relationships.

He’ll want to know how they ended, what caused them to fail, and whether you were the one who did the breaking up.

He’s looking for clues as to whether you’re someone who easily gives up on things or if you’re someone who takes responsibility for your actions.

If you can be honest about your past relationships and take responsibility for your role in their demise, then you’ll pass this test.

But if you try to blame everything on your exes or act like you’re perfect and a victim, then he might see that as a red flag.

2. He’ll start an interesting conversation with you

If a Scorpio man is testing you, he might also start an interesting conversation with you.

He’ll want to know your thoughts on controversial topics, or he might ask for your opinion on something he’s passionate about.

He’s looking to see how you respond under pressure. Do you cave under the weight of his questions?

Do you get defensive? Or do you stay calm and collected? If you can hold your own in a conversation with a Scorpio man, he’ll find that very attractive.

3. He’ll have you pick a location for dates

One of the best ways a Scorpio man will try to find out who you are and what your mindset is, is by having you pick a location for a date.

He’ll want to see if you’re someone who enjoys the finer things in life or if you’re someone who’s more low-key.

This will also give him an indication of how adventurous you are. If you pick a place that’s out of the ordinary, he might be impressed.

But if you pick a place that’s too safe or boring, he might think you’re not exciting enough for him.

It’s all about the thoughtfulness for him more than the price or luxury.

Ambiance and tone are everything on a date for a Scorpio man.

4. He talks about female friends around you

If a Scorpio man is testing you, he might start talking about his female friends around you.

He’ll want to know if you’re the jealous type or if you’re secure enough in yourself to not get upset.

He might even try to make you jealous on purpose to see how you react, so he may be able to understand how you feel about him.

5. He gets upset with you to see how you respond

When a Scorpio man is testing you, he may get upset with you for seemingly no reason.

This is his way of seeing how you’ll respond to uncertainty and disagreement.

If you can stay level-headed in the face of his anger, it will go a long way in proving to him that you’re willing to do the work in the relationship.

But if you get defensive or react angrily in return, it will only fuel his doubts about your compatibility.

6. He’ll make a joke and see if you get it

Someone who doesn’t take life and themselves too seriously all the time can be very attractive to a Scorpio man.

If he’s testing you, he might make a joke and see if you get it. If you can laugh at yourself and his jokes, then he may find you to be very down-to-earth and secure in yourself.

But if you get offended easily or can’t take a joke, then he might think you’re too easily upset for him.

7. He does something fun out of the blue

A Scorpio man might do something fun and unexpected out of the blue to test your reaction.

If you can take things in stride and enjoy the moment, then he’ll see that as a good sign.

But if you get too stressed out or worried about what’s happening, then he might think you’re not spontaneous or flexible enough for him.

8. He cancels plans last minute

Out of curiosity and to see how you’ll react a Scorpio man might cancel plans you had together at the last minute.

Maybe he did it on purpose or maybe something came up but either way, it could be a sign that he’s testing you.

He’ll be interested to see how you react and what you’ll do next.

If you get angry or upset then he knows that you’re someone he doesn’t want to be with, because you’re probably not as understanding of a partner as he’s looking for in the relationship.

9. He’ll tell you he doesn’t have a lot of money

A Scorpio man is most often not overly materialistic, so he’ll want to see what your values are.

One way he might do this is by telling you that he doesn’t have a lot of money.

If your first reaction is to offer to pay for things or help him out on dates financially, then he’ll know that you’re not with him just for his money.

But if you start to get angry or upset with him for not being able to afford things, then he’ll know that money is more important to you than he is.

He’ll not be testing you to see if you’ll offer him money, he’s more interested in your reaction after he says it.

10. He goes cold to see if you’re interested

A Scorpio man might go cold or withdraw some of his attention if he’s testing you.

He’ll be interested in seeing how you react and whether or not you’ll pursue him.

If you start to pursue him and try to get his attention back, then he knows that you’re interested in him.

But if you don’t react or if you get angry with him, then he’ll take that as a sign that you’re not as interested in him as he thought.

11. He shows up without letting you know

Maybe he wants to surprise you or he wants to see what you’re up to. If a Scorpio man randomly shows up without letting you know, it’s a sign that he’s testing you.

He wants to see how you’ll react when he shows somewhere you never expected him to be and if you’re worth his time.

12. He’ll talk about different scenarios with you

When a Scorpio man is testing you he’ll probably say something like ‘what if I did this?’ or ‘what would you do if I said this?’.

He’s doing that because he wants to learn more about the type of person you are and get an idea of how you deal with conflicts as well as the boundaries you have in the relationship.

13. He says he doesn’t want a relationship

Even if he does want a relationship, he might say he doesn’t. He says this to see if you’ll try to change his mind or if you’ll give up on him easily.

Maybe he’s testing you to find out how patient and persistent you are when it comes to getting what you want.

But also how serious you are about being with him.

14. He doesn’t call when he says he will

Sometimes a Scorpio man will also do this if he wants you to chase him. If he’s testing you he might not call when he says he will or return your texts as quickly as usual.

This is his way of seeing if you’ll get impatient and give up on him or if you’re the type of person who’s willing to wait while understanding that sometimes he might really be busy.

15. He tells you he’s not looking for anything serious

Even if he wants something serious, he might say the opposite just to test you.

He wants to see how you’ll react and if you’re okay with dating someone who’s not looking for anything serious.

It could mean that he’s joking around but he wants to see how you deal with situations in the relationship when you’re not getting what you want.

16. He questions your loyalty

If a Scorpio man starts questioning your loyalty, it’s another way of testing you.

Maybe he’ll say things like ‘I don’t know if I can trust you’ or ‘are you sure you’re not interested in anyone else?’.

He wants to know if you’ll be loyal to him even when he’s not around or if you’ll start flirting with other guys behind his back.

It’s also a way of seeing how committed you are to the relationship and if you’re really in it for the long haul.

17. He asks to spend time with you late at night

If a Scorpio man is testing you, he might ask to spend time with you late at night.

This is because he wants to see if you’re okay with spending time with him even when it’s not convenient for you.

It could be that he wants to see how far you’re willing to go for him or how much time you’re willing to invest in the relationship.

Maybe he also wants to see if things will get physical between you two late at night.

18. He talks a lot about getting physical

When a Scorpio man is interested in someone, he will go out of his way to test their boundaries.

This may manifest itself in playful banter that borders on flirting, or in more overt attempts to get physical.

In either case, the Scorpio man is looking to see how you react, and whether you’re willing to let down your guard and let him in.

Why would a Scorpio man test you?

A Scorpio man will often test you in some way as a way of getting to know you better.

This can take many different forms, from casually teasing you or calling out your flaws to deliberately pushing your buttons and trying to provoke a strong emotional response.

Why would he do this? Some Scorpio men might simply be looking for validation, seeking reassurance that they are somehow worthy or desirable in your eyes.

Others may simply be exploring how well they can manipulate or control their partners, looking for signs of weakness that they can exploit later on.

Whatever the reason behind a Scorpio man’s testing behaviors, it is important not to let him get under your skin or play with your emotions.

Instead, stay calm and respond with confidence and poise in order to show him that you are someone he cannot control or intimidate.

Set boundaries with him and if things start to get out of hand talk to him about his manipulative ways, distrustfulness, and insecurities, and why it’s toxic for relationships


When a Scorpio man tests you, it can mean a variety of things.

At the most basic level, it might simply be his way of gauging your reactions and responses to various situations.

Scorpio men are known for being intense and stubborn, so he may want to see how accustomed you are to his domineering behavior.

Additionally, Scorpio men are often seen as mysterious or even secretive, and so he may be interested in seeing how much you can figure out on your own about what he’s thinking or feeling.

Or he might test you to figure out how much he can trust and let down his guard in the relationship.

Ultimately, a Scorpio man’s testing may just be an aspect of his personality.

But if you find yourself frequently being tested by him, it might be time to reassess the relationship overall and think about whether or not your compatibility really goes beyond the Scorpio man’s innate desire to test everyone around him.

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