When a Scorpio Man Disappears It’s Because of a Good Reason (Survey)

I have heard and been asked by many women why Scorpio men disappear and while the reasons may have been many and different, I was curious what Scorpios would say.

I wanted to know if and when a Scorpio man disappeared if it was for a good or bad reason.

By The Numbers

The survey had 120 participants. Let’s look at what they had to say.

  • Yes – usually (50 voted)
  • No – He’s sneaky (30 voted)
  • I don’t know (40 voted)
When a Scorpio Man Disappears It's Because of a Good Reason survey

What are the Respondents Saying?

Respondent #1

We can be mysterious but it’s in our nature. I use to disappear on my ex all the time.

The reason why I did it was because she was always testing me.

I know that if I stayed around I would have told her things to hurt her feelings so instead of doing this I choose to leave and disappear.

Respondent #2

I could disappear for many reasons but the most common is because I need time for myself away from other people.

I usually go somewhere I feel safe, to wander and focus on my own thoughts.

Respondent #3

I did this to one of my exes to see how she would react to it and instead, she went out with someone else.

This made me realize I was not who she wanted. I spoke to her and left with no way of her ever contacting me again.

We are dedicated to those we love but don’t trash our emotions or you might bring out other sides you never knew we had.


There are many reasons why Scorpio men might disappear but most of them will probably be unique for each relationship.

One of the most common reasons why Scorpio men might disappear is because they need time for themselves, this could be due to stress, life challenges, or their energies being drained by someone or a situation.

From the survey, you can see that 75% of the respondents think Scorpio men either disappear for a good reason or they don’t know why, while 25% think that the Scorpio men are just sneaky.

The best way to know for sure why a Scorpio man is disappearing on you is to ask him, the answer may not be as bad as you thought it may be.

And it may not be something you like either but the best way to know for sure is to ask, communicate with him and try to get some understanding of what might be wrong.

Find out if Scorpios forgive others who hurt them, even if they apologize.

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