27 Reasons Why a Scorpio man always comes back

A Scorpio man is said to be most passionate and intense but he can also be distant and withdrawn too.

Because he withdraws sometimes he could disappear for days to weeks before coming back to you.

Or he may decide to end a relationship with you, then tries to come back after he has had a chance to think about everything that happened in the relationship.

There are reasons why your Scorpio man leaves and why he always comes back to you, even when it seemed like things were over.

Let’s look at some of these reasons;

27 Reasons why a Scorpio man always comes back to you

1. He misses you

If a Scorpio man misses you and is reminiscing on memories that you had together, he will come back to you.

2. He’s Loyal

Scorpio men are loyal to the people they care about.

Once they’ve committed to someone, they’re in it for the long haul.

So if your Scorpio man has come back to you, it’s probably because he’s loyal to you and wants to make things work.

3. He’s Protective

Scorpio men can be very protective of the people they love.

They’re not afraid to fight for what they believe in and they’ll always stand up for the people they care about.

If your Scorpio man has come back to you, it could be because he’s feeling protective and wants to make sure you’re safe.

Maybe he wants to claim you for himself and he’s not ok with you being with anyone else.

I intentionally said claim, because sometimes he can see it like that.

4. He feels guilty about how he treated you

A Scorpio man may leave you if he’s feeling suffocated or trapped in the relationship.

He may have felt like he couldn’t be himself around you, and that led to him lashing out or breaking up with you.

And now that he’s had some time to reflect, he feels guilty about how he treated you.

Maybe he knows that he was wrong and is coming back to you to make things right.

5. He wants what he can’t have

A Scorpio man loves a challenge and is very attracted to what he can’t have.

If you are unattainable or seem like you are hard to get, the Scorpio man will be even more interested in you.

He loves the chase and wants to be with someone who is a challenge.

Maybe he’s coming back to you because he knows he won’t get you back but he just has to try to see if he can get you to give in.

He wants to win. He wants to be right.

6. He’s confused about his feelings

A Scorpio man might be confused about his feelings for you because he is so passionate.

Sometimes he can be very pursuing with the person he loves, even if they have broken up.

If a Scorpio man has feelings for you, he will always find a way to come back to you.

7. He just wants to hook up

A Scorpio man is usually very passionate and intense when it comes to relationships and getting physical with you.

If he just wants to hook up with you and know that you’ll always give in, he’ll find a way to come back to you, even after he breaks up or after days of silence.

Most Scorpio men will probably be very upfront about it and won’t waste your time.

But he’s probably not one of them, he wants you to lay with him but he doesn’t want the commitment.

8. He’s lonely

Scorpio men are usually very independent and don’t need anyone, but sometimes they can get lonely.

If he’s feeling lonely, he’ll find a way to come back to you because you’re someone who makes him feel comfortable and loved.

Even if he doesn’t show it, a Scorpio man needs love and affection just like everyone else.

9. His other option didn’t work out

If a Scorpio man has a relationship with another woman that didn’t work out, he’ll come back to you because he probably knows you’re available and will take him back.

He’s not the type of person to settle for second best, but when second best is the only option, he’ll come running back to you.

Don’t keep falling for it. He’ll never change by choice. Demand respect from him.

10. He’s not over you

Maybe he’s not ready to let go just yet because he still has feelings for you.

If a Scorpio man is constantly texting you or trying to talk to you, it’s probably because he’s not over you yet.

He might even show up at your house unexpectedly just to see you.

He’s coming back because he still has feelings for you in some way.

There is something about you that he can’t get out of his head and heart.

11. He wants to apologize

If a Scorpio man has hurt you in some way, he will probably try and come back to apologize to you.

This is after he comes to his senses about what happened and what he did.

Maybe he has been distant and missing in action for days or weeks.

Taking time to clear his head and figure things out.

He might even bring you flowers or a gift to show how sorry he is.

Scorpio men can be very proud, so it takes a lot for him to come back and apologize.

But if he does it’s probably because he really cares about you.

12. You were his first love

The first love is the deepest and hardest to forget.

And a Scorpio man will probably never forget his first love, especially if you end on good terms.

If you were his first girlfriend or first love, he will always have a special place in his heart for you.

No matter how much time has passed, he will always remember the good times and happy memories with you.

He might even come back and try to rekindle the flame and get back together with you.

13. He’s curious about you

You can bet that if a Scorpio man is curious about you, he will find a way to come back into your life.

It might not be obvious at first, but he will definitely make his presence known sooner or later.

If he’s been asking mutual friends or even stalking your social media, it’s because he’s curious about you.

Maybe he wants to know what you’re up to and what’s new in your life.

This is one of the reasons why he might come back, just to see what you’re up to and catch up with you.

14. You’re a challenge

Scorpio men love a challenge, so if you’re a challenge to him he will come back.

He’s probably been thinking about you a lot and wondering how to get you back and your attention.

If he’s been trying to impress you or do things for you, it’s probably because he wants to win your heart.

Or he wants to soften you up to get something else. Hint, hint!

15. You’re different than anyone he’s ever met

If you’re different than anyone he’s ever met, it’s a big reason why he’s coming back.

Scorpio men are attracted to mystery and intrigue.

So if you’re a little bit mysterious and hard to read, it will make him want to come back to you for more.

Maybe he’s been with other people but he can’t find anyone that can keep up with him and pique his interest as you do.

In this case, he’s coming back for more of what only you can give him.

16. He likes your personality

If he likes your personality, it’s definitely a reason why he’s coming back.

Scorpio men are attracted to strong and independent women.

So if you’re a strong and independent woman, it will attract him to you.

He also likes women who are intelligent and can hold their own in a conversation.

Maybe you have a great sense of humor or you’re always up for a good time.

Maybe he likes the way you dress, how you speak, and how you’re always going after what you want.

Whatever the reason, if he likes your personality it’s a big reason why he’ll come back.

And it’s all your fault – your personality.

17. You make him laugh

If you make him laugh, it’s a reason why he’ll come back.

Scorpio men are attracted to women who can make them laugh and have a good time.

So if he feels good vibes when he’s with you and you make him laugh, he’ll probably miss that and is coming back for more.

18. He feels comfortable with you

Maybe he feels comfortable with you and knows that he can always count on you. He also knows that you will never really leave him.

Maybe he feels like he can be himself with you without being judged.

You are the one person who has always been there for him, and he knows that he can always come back to you.

19. He can be himself around you

Scorpio men want to be with someone they can be themselves around. So if he feels like he can be himself around you, it’s a big reason why he’ll come back.

He knows that he doesn’t have to put on a facade around you and that you accept him for who he is.

Maybe he feels like he can let his guard down around you and be vulnerable.

20. He’s finally ready to settle down

If he’s finally ready to settle down, it might be because he sees potential in you.

Maybe he has been in many relationships but has cannot find anything like what he has with you.

Scorpio men are attracted to women who they can see themselves settling down with and starting a family.

So if he’s coming back, it might be because he’s ready to take things to the next level with you.

21. He’s in love with you

There’s a strong possibility that your Scorpio man is still in love with you, even if he doesn’t show it.

He may not be ready to admit it, but his actions (coming back to you) speak louder than words.

He’s hoping that eventually, you’ll come back to him too.

22. He’s realized what he had before was special

Your Scorpio man may have taken you for granted when you were together.

But now that you’re gone, he’s realized just how special and unique you are.

He knows that he won’t find anyone else quite like you, and that’s why he keeps coming back.

23. You’re the only one who understands him

Your Scorpio man may be guarded and mysterious, but you know him better than anyone else.

You understand his complicated inner world, and he knows that he can be himself around you.

That’s a rare and special thing, and it’s one of the reasons why he keeps coming back.

24. He’s living a double life

A Scorpio man can be really good at hiding his feelings, which can sometimes make him seem that he’s cheating on you when he’s not.

But with his distant and disappearing acts maybe he actually is cheating on you.

It could be that he has another relationship that he’s giving his time and energy to.

Then he comes back to you when he’s ready and his schedule opens up again.

Some Scorpio men can be players, which means they’re never really single.

So, if you’re wondering why a Scorpio man keeps coming back to you, it could be because he’s just using you for his own needs.

Look for red flags. How does you taking him back benefit him?

25. You always take him back

If a Scorpio man knows that when he leaves you’ll take him back, he’ll keep leaving and coming back.

It’s like a game to him. He knows he can always come back, so why not leave and come back when it’s convenient for him?

He’s probably using and manipulating you and knows how to push your buttons and how to get you to do what he wants.

26. You put up with his antics

If you enable a Scorpio man’s bad behaviors, he’ll keep doing them because he knows you’ll put up with it.

Maybe you’ve been putting up with his disappearing act and always take him back.

Or maybe you’ve been putting up with his cheating ways and he knows you’ll always forgive him.

Whatever it is, he’ll keep doing it as long as you allow him to.

If you want respect from him you’ve got to be serious about boundaries, expectations, and letting him know what you’re not going to tolerate.

27. You have something he wants

It could be money, power, connections, or physical pleasure.

A Scorpio man is not known to be very materialistic but some could be and if your many is an opportunist then he may be using you to get what he wants.

He’s probably not interested in a long-term relationship with you and is only using you for what he can get from you.

If he knows you have something he wants, he’ll keep coming back as long as you’re willing to give it to him.

He’s got his eyes on the prize.

How do you tell if a Scorpio man is not over you?

When a Scorpio man is not yet over you, he will continue to contact you in some way, whether it’s through text message, social media, or even just random phone calls.

He might text you out of the blue, show up at your job, or send you flowers. If he’s not over you, he’ll find a way to be around you.

If he’s not over you, he’ll still have strong feelings for you. He might get jealous when you’re with other guys or he might try to make you jealous.

Some Scorpio men might even start stalking you if he’s not yet over you.

This is because he can be very possessive, and may not want anyone else to have you.

A Scorpio man is usually very sure of himself and his feelings. If he’s not over you and wants to come back to you, he’ll show it in his actions.

He might not be ready to let you go yet and wants to keep you in his life somehow.

If he’s truly over you, he will have no problem cutting off all communication and moving on.

But if he’s not, he’ll find a way to keep you in his life. Watch out for those mixed signals!

Will a Scorpio man miss you?

A Scorpio man can be very mysterious, and it’s hard to know what he’s thinking or feeling.

If you’re wondering whether a Scorpio man will miss you and wants to come back if you break up or when you’re not around, the answer is most likely yes.

Scorpio men are often very intense and passionate, and they can become obsessed with someone they’re interested in.

If you’ve caught the eye of a Scorpio man, he’s probably already thinking about you a lot.

The only time a Scorpio man might not be missing you is when you hurt and betray him.

If you’ve wronged a Scorpio man, he’s likely to hold a grudge and may never forgive you.

However, if you’ve simply had a disagreement or a falling out, he’ll probably be missing you and wanting to make up within a few days.

If a Scorpio man is missing you, he will show it in his actions.

He might start texting or calling you more often. He might start showing up places where he knows you’ll be.

He might start being more attentive and loving to you.


Some of the reasons why a Scorpio man keeps coming back to you are because you put up with his antics, he has something that he wants from you, or he’s not over you yet and still has strong feelings for you.

If you want to keep a Scorpio man in your life, in a way that is positive and beneficial for both of you, then you have to set boundaries and talk about expectations in the relationship.

The reasons why he keeps coming back might be because he has great intentions.

But when he’s doing this three, four, or five times, it may start to create an unhealthy relationship for both of you.

It’s your job to let him know how much you’re willing to tolerate and try to help him work past his commitment issues if he has one.

Don’t just be his safety net when things aren’t going well in other aspects of his life.

If he’s not willing to be more serious and responsible, there is no point in continuing to give in when he leaves and comes back.

You deserve someone who’s going to be in a relationship for the long haul, no matter the challenges, and if he’s not willing to do this for you, you might want to start looking somewhere else.

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