Venus in Scorpio Man: What To Expect

If you’re looking for a man with depth, passion, and intensity, then a Venus in Scorpio man is the perfect catch.

These guys love to explore their darker side, and they’re usually attracted to women who are a bit mysterious themselves.

If you’re dating a Venus in Scorpio man, don’t be surprised if he takes you to some pretty dark places – both emotionally and physically.

They can be intense and possessive, but that’s part of what makes them so exciting.

In astrology, Venus represents what we find aesthetically pleasing, while Scorpio is the sign associated with transformation, jealousy, and extremes.

So it’s no surprise that when these two energies come together in a man, you get someone who is creative, emotional, and passionate, but can also be jealous and possessive.

If you’ve found yourself a Venus in Scorpio man, here are a few things you should know about him!

Venus in Scorpio man personality

Few astrological placements are as enigmatic as Venus in Scorpio. This is a powerful combination that creates a complex and often contradictory personality.

On the one hand, Venus in Scorpio men are intensely passionate and can be very loyal to those they love because they tend to give their all in their relationships.

They are also known for their sharp intellect and their ability to see through deception.

However, this intense combination can also make Venus in Scorpio men volatile and prone to outbursts of anger and trust issues.

They can also be very jealous and possessive, which can make relationships difficult.

If you’re attracted to a man with this astrological placement, be prepared for an intense roller coaster ride.

But if you can handle the ups and downs and help him find better ways to process and cope with his feeling, while reassuring him of your love and devotion to him, it will be worth it.

Venus in Scorpio man appearance

On the outside, Venus in Scorpio men might exude an aura of mystery and power.

They tend to appear attractive to others and have an intense sexual aura about them.

Their appearance can be deceiving though, as they are often attracted to dark and gothic things.

This doesn’t mean that all Venus in Scorpio men dress like they’re going to a funeral, but they are often drawn to dark colors and clothing that covers their bodies.

When it comes to their appearance, Venus in Scorpio men are often trying to create an image that is the opposite of what they’re feeling on the inside.

And they’re not into fitting in with the image of others either.

They might come across as being dark and brooding, but they’re often just trying to figure out the world and their place in it.

Venus in Scorpio man in love and faithfulness

When Venus in Scorpio men fall in love, they fall hard. When they commit, they’re all in, 100 percent.

They don’t do things half-heartedly – when they love you, they love with their whole hearts.

And when they’re hurt, they feel it just as deeply.

This can make them seem intense or even intimidating to some people, but it’s also what makes them so passionate and loyal in relationships.

When a Venus in Scorpio man loves you, he loves you with everything he has. He’ll be your biggest fan and your most ardent defender.

He’ll stand by you through thick and thin – but he’ll also expect the same level of commitment from you.

If you can handle that intensity, a Venus in Scorpio man can make for a truly passionate and long-lasting relationship.

Venus in Scorpio man ideal woman

Venus in Scorpio men are often looking for the ideal woman who is truly for them.

And an ideal woman for them is someone who is able to think for herself, makes her own decisions, knows what she’s about, and works it confidently.

They want somebody that is going to be devoted to him and won’t hurt him.

Venus in Scorpio men can be very guarded with their hearts, so they often shy away from relationships.

However, when they do find the right woman, they are incredibly loyal and loving. They often crave stability and security in a relationship.

They want to know that their partner is there for them and that they can count on them.

Venus in Scorpio men are often attracted to strong and independent women. They are also attracted to women who are passionate and intense.

If you are looking to attract a Venus in Scorpio man, then you should focus on being someone who is trustworthy and reliable.

You should also be someone who is passionate about life and has a lot of depth.

If you can show them that you truly love them and tap into the things that Venus in Scorpio men are looking for, you will be well on your way to winning their hearts.

Venus in Scorpio man compatibility

A Venus in Scorpio man is looking for a woman who can be a best friend as well as a lover.

In terms of compatibility, a Venus in Scorpio man does best with a woman who can make him feel secure in the relationship.

He wants someone he can trust implicitly, and who will be loyal to him.

Once he’s found that sense of security, he’s loyal and devoted to his partner.

Feeling secure in a relationship is very important for him as he can become insecure at times and might end the relationship if he feels like you might hurt him.

He might become demanding of his partner in the relationship so his partner might need to set boundaries about his control issues at the beginning of the relationship.

He is most compatible with a woman who knows this about him and is willing to work with him to keep his mind at ease.

Venus in Scorpio man strength and weakness

When it comes to relationships the Venus in Scorpio man’s strength is his ability to fully be devoted to his partner and be sweet and sensual with her while understanding her needs.

However, his weakness can be that he is very guarded with his heart and might have trust issues because of this.

This level of insecurity and need to feel safe can cause him to end a relationship suddenly, out of fear of being hurt.

Venus in Scorpio man in a break-up

Venus in Scorpio men do not like or do well when it comes to break-ups.

This is because they give so much of themselves in relationships and they love to be in control.

Because of this need for control, they’re usually hesitant to show their true feelings and fully open up to their partners.

If there is any break-up happening they rather be the ones to initiate the break-up, because they can become devasted if their partners break up with them first.

This kind of fear often leads to them disliking, disappearing, and ghosting people in their relationships.

Venus in Scorpio men are so afraid of breakups and being hurt to the point they’ll stay single for months or years without ever trying to commit to a relationship again.

And it can often take a lot of convincing and time for them to open up to the idea of being in another relationship.

How to attract Venus in Scorpio man

A Venus in Scorpio man is attracted to a woman that is able to connect and understand him on an emotional level.

That doesn’t mean that she’s weak, it means that she understands his unspoken emotions and she knows what he needs her to do to soothe his emotional needs and worries.

That is knowing how to make him feel safe and secure.

He is attracted by someone who is confident, knows how to work their charm and how to keep him engaged intellectually as well.

The person who attracts a Venus in Scorpio man is someone he feels is only for him and is not easily attained (easy to get) by anyone else.

He wants to feel like he’s the only one who can see her and that she’s special just for him.

Venus in Scorpio man playing games

A lot of times when a Venus in Scorpio man plays game with someone it’s because he’s not ready and doesn’t feel safe to fully commit himself to the relationship.

He’s testing you to see if you’re really worth his heart and he’s afraid of losing control to you and you end up breaking his heart.

He also might play games because he’s trying to get back at someone who has done him wrong in the past.

Or, he’s just not that into you and is trying to let you down easy.

You might be able to tell he’s playing games with you if he’s being evasive about his feelings, if he’s hot and cold with you, or if he’s constantly making up excuses not to see you.

The number one reason why he plays games with you though is likely because he’s afraid of getting hurt and he’s not feeling secure about where he stands with you, physically and emotionally.

When he gets like this sometimes he’ll end the relationship all of a sudden, just to be the one to break-up with you, before he gets hurt.

Because in his mind it’s all about protecting his heart and staying in control of the situation.

The best way to deal with a Venus in Scorpio man playing games is to just be honest with him and let him know how you feel and tell him that you’re not trying to hurt him.

Don’t try to play games back with him, because he’s likely to just see that as a challenge and it’ll only make him want to play games with you more.

If you’re honest and upfront with him about your feelings he might start to feel more comfortable about opening up to you and committing himself to the relationship.

But, if he’s just not that into you then it’s probably best to end things before you get too emotionally attached to him.

Venus in Scorpio man not texting back

The reason why a Venus in Scorpio man might not text you back is probably because of the same reason why he’s playing games with you.

All of this is because he feels insecure and unsafe about getting hurt in the relationship.

It’s probably not because he doesn’t like you, it’s just that he’s afraid of being vulnerable and getting his heart broken.

He might not text you back because he’s trying to distance himself from you emotionally so that if you do break up it won’t hurt as much.

Or, he might not text you back because he’s waiting for you to make the first move and he’s testing your patience.

He wants to see if you’re really interested in him and if you’ll wait around for him or if you’ll get tired of waiting and move on.

The best way to deal with a Venus in Scorpio man not texting you back is to just give him some space and time.

Don’t try to pressure him into texting you back or into committing to the relationship.

Just let him come to you when he’s ready and be patient and be prepared to move on if he doesn’t.

Sometimes there isn’t much you can do to convince him to be with you once he has made up his mind.

Venus in Scorpio man manipulative

The Venus in Scorpio man’s manipulative tactics are all about finding out how much power he has over you in the relationship.

He wants to see how much you’re into him and how far you’ll go to please him.

Most of the time when he’s being manipulative it’s because he’s feeling insecure about the relationship and he’s trying to get reassurance from you.

He might do things like play mind games, test your patience, or make you jealous on purpose.

All of these things are just his way of trying to get a reaction out of you and see how much you’re into him.

This way he can decide how much he should open up to you emotionally.

The best way to deal with a Venus in Scorpio man’s manipulative tactics is to set boundaries with him about this type of behavior, the moment you begin to see it.

This can become toxic and unhealthy very quickly if you don’t nip it in the bud.

Make it clear to him that you’re not going to tolerate this type of behavior and if he doesn’t change then you’ll both have to go separate ways.

Venus in Scorpio man shy

A Venus in Scorpio man is generally very observant and reserved but not very shy.

He’s usually very confident but can also be quite guarded when it comes to his emotions and his thoughts

The fact that he doesn’t open up with others makes him seem shy when in reality he’s just being very cautious about who he lets into his inner circle and his head.

As soon as you become friends with him you’ll begin to see a different, more playful, and outgoing, side to him.

He’s not really shy, he’s just very picky about who he trusts and lets into his life.

Venus in Scorpio man obsessed

If a Venus in Scorpio man loves you he can become possessive of you because of his fear of losing you.

This is where his insecurities and jealousy can start to show and he might become obsessed with you.

He might want to know where you are all the time, who you’re with, and what you’re doing.

He might start to stalk you or spy on you and this can become very creepy and unhealthy.

But this is not with all Venus in Scorpio men, but some of them and it can be rare.

Most of the time if he doesn’t trust you and feels you might hurt him he’ll probably end the relationship and leave.

The best way to deal with a Venus in Scorpio man’s obsession is to try to get him to see how his behavior is affecting you and making you feel.

But one of the most important things you can do is to reassure him that you truly love him, will never hurt him, and have no intention to ever do so.

Talk to him about it and try to get him to open up about his insecurities and fears.

If he’s willing to talk about it and work on it then there’s a chance the relationship can be saved.

But if he’s not willing to change then it’s probably best to end things before it gets too toxic.


Venus in Scorpio men are known for giving their all in their relationships. When they’re committed, it’s 100%, and both feet in.

They tend to be very guarded with their emotions, but when they do open up, they are loyal and devoted.

They can be jealous and possessive, but this is often because they feel so deeply and are afraid of getting hurt.

They crave intimacy and connection, but their fear of rejection can hold them back.

When they find someone they trust, they will try to let down their guard and give themselves fully, even though this might be hard for them.

And they might end a relationship with you suddenly to avoid heart-break if they feel like the relationship is going to fail or you’re being dishonest.

It will take a lot of open and honest communication, reassuring each other’s love, and learning about each other to make this relationship work.

That is all I can give for now about Venus in Scorpio men. Maintain a happier relationship with him through a relationship love reading.

This will help you understand how to create the best relationship with a Venus in Scorpio man.

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