15 Ways to tell if a Venus in Scorpio man likes you

We all know the saying, “love is blind.” But when it comes to Venus in Scorpio men, their eyesight is crystal clear when they like someone.

When he is interested in and loves a person his emotions are very intense and his sexual feelings can be just as deep.

This means that when he’s got his sights set on you, he’s all in, which can sometimes cause him to get hurt in the end.

Because of this, he can come off as guarded about his feelings and cold.

That doesn’t mean he is weak though because he’s always evaluating his ways and changing where it makes him a better person.

You may not know when a Venus in Scorpio man likes you because he’ll usually do subtle things, that could go unnoticed by you.

So, what are the best ways to tell if he likes you? Let’s take a look!

What makes a Venus in Scorpio man like you?

A Venus in Scorpio man likes a woman who is dark, intense, sexually appealing, confident, independent, and mysterious.

He likes women who are not afraid to flaunt their sexuality and who know how to keep a secret.

He loves a challenge, and he is drawn to women who are not easily won over.

He is also attracted to women who are comfortable with themselves and are not afraid to show their dark side.

If you want to attract a Venus in Scorpio man, be sure to let your true colors shine through.

Embrace your sensuality and your strength, and let him see the real you.

15 Ways you can tell if a Venus in Scorpio man likes you

1. He gives you his full attention

Do you feel like he’s always completely present with you and he doesn’t want to leave?

When a Venus in Scorpio man likes you, he will give you his full attention.

He makes sure that you feel heard and understood, and he takes the time to really get to know you.

He’s interested in your innermost thoughts and feelings, and he’s not afraid of emotions or intensity.

This can be both exhilarating and a little bit overwhelming, but for him, it’s always exciting, especially when it comes to you.

2. He’s always trying to talk with you

When he likes you he looks forward to seeing you, hearing your voice, and spending time with you.

He’ll find excuses to talk to you, whether it’s through text, social media, or in person.

He’s always trying to find ways to connect with you and he really enjoys your company.

You might not look at this as a big deal, which is why you probably won’t notice that he likes you but for him speaking with you is something he’s always looking forward to.

3. He’s attentive and always seeking to please you

Maybe your conversations have been about your likes and dislikes and you’ve noticed that he’s always trying to do things to make you happy.

If a Venus in Scorpio man likes you, you’ll probably notice that he’s attentive and seeking to please you, and he really takes your needs and wants into consideration.

This can be something as simple as planning a date that he knows you’ll love, or going out of his way to do something nice for you.

He just wants to make sure that you’re happy and that he cares about your wellbeing.

4. He’s possessive and doesn’t want anyone else getting too close

When a Venus in Scorpio man likes you, he may start to become possessive and he might not want anyone else getting too close to you.

This is because he wants you all to himself and he doesn’t want to share your attention with anyone else.

This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you feel about his intensity and possessiveness.

If you like a little bit of space and independence, this might not be the best match for you.

But if you’re looking for someone who’s completely devoted to you and wants to be with you most of the time, this could work out.

5. He gives you intense eye contact

A Venus in Scorpio man can say a lot with his eyes, and if he likes you, you’ll probably notice that he’s always giving you intense eye contact.

Maybe it’s one of those gazes that feels like he’s looking through your soul or one that says you intrigue me, who are you?

He’s trying to connect with you on a different level and he’s looking for a way to communicate with you.

This can be exciting and intimidating depending on how you take it, but it’s definitely one of the ways you can tell he likes you.

6. He smiles a lot with you

A great smile can do a lot to pull someone in and a Venus in Scorpio man knows this, so if he likes you, he’ll probably smile when he looks at you.

It could be a small, intimate smile or a big, bright one that lights up his whole face.

Either way, it’s a sign that he feels comfortable with you, he’s happy in your company or he’s trying to get you to become comfortable with him.

7. He’s very supportive of you and your goals

If he likes you he will be supportive of you and your goals.

He will often go above and beyond to help you achieve your dreams, and he’ll try to be there for you when you need him.

Maybe you notice that he’s trying to get you back on track with something or he tells you that he believes that you’re capable of achieving a goal that you think is impossible for you.

He does this because he likes you and wants to see you succeed.

8. He always has time for you

Nobody enjoys spending time around someone they hate, so if a Venus in Scorpio man is making time for you, it’s a good sign that he likes you.

Maybe he’s trying to spend as much time with you as possible, and he’ll try to make sure that your time together is quality time.

He’s not the type of person to waste his time, so if he’s spending it with you, it means that he values your company.

9. He’s happy to do favors for you

There’s nothing like a Venus in Scorpio man when it comes to getting things done.

If he likes you, he’s more than happy to do favors for you, no matter how big or small.

Whether it’s running an errand for you, doing a favor at work, or just lending a listening ear, he’s happy to help out.

And his Scorpio intensity means that he’ll put everything he has into whatever task he’s taking on for you.

10. He’s always trying to make you happy

Because a Venus in Scorpio man’s eyes is on you there is a lot that he will notice about you.

And if he noticed that you’re unhappy about something, he’ll do whatever he can to try and make you happy again.

This could be something as simple as buying you your favorite food or taking you out to your favorite place.

Whatever it is, he’ll try to please you because making you happy makes him happy.

11. He’s jealous when you talk with or about other guys

If you find yourself being drawn into arguments with him about the other guys you talk to – even if it’s just friendly small talk – then it’s a good sign that he probably likes you.

And if he goes out of his way to try and make you jealous in return, that’s an even stronger indication that he cares for you.

The reason a Venus in Scorpio man gets jealous is because he wants your exclusive attention.

He doesn’t want to share you with anyone else, because he can be possessive.

So if you’re wondering whether or not he likes you, just keep an eye on how he reacts when other guys are around.

12. He flirts with you a lot

Do you find that he flirts with you… a lot?

This guy loves playing the game of seduction and he’s very good at it.

He’ll give you smoldering looks, compliment your appearance, and find any excuse to touch you.

He’s not afraid to be a little naughty either, when he feels comfortable with you – he might send you suggestive texts or make suggestive comments.

Basically, if he’s flirting with you, it’s a good sign that he likes you.

13. You always feel special and loved when you’re with him

When you’re with a Venus in Scorpio man do you feel like he makes you feel special?

Do you feel like he only opens up to you?

Does he make you feel like the most important person in the world?

Does he look at you in a way that feels like he can see into your soul?

And when he speaks, does it feel like he’s sharing his deepest secrets with you?

If you can answer yes to these it’s probably because he finds you very intriguing and likes you a lot.

14. He’s always trying to find out more about you

A Venus in Scorpio man is a master of disguise, and he’s often able to keep his true feelings hidden behind a mask of indifference.

So he’ll ask you a bunch of questions when he likes you and you wouldn’t know he was interested.

He might be curious about your past, your present, your future, and your mind.

It’s all because he wants to know what gets you going, and he’s looking for new and interesting ways to get to know you better.

If you’re ever in doubt about how he really feels about you, just watch how he looks at you when he thinks you’re not watching.

That’s when you’ll see the intensity of his gaze, and you’ll know that he cares deeply for you.

15. He’s always trying to touch you when he’s around you

Pay attention to how he acts around you.

If he’s trying to touch you in some way when he’s around you it’s probably because he likes you.

Whether it’s lightly brushing your arm or leg or leaning in close to talk, he’s trying to get close to you.

And that’s a good sign because it means he’s interested.

So if you’re into him, don’t be afraid to do some subtle flirting and light touch as well. It’ll let him know you’re open to his advances.


If you want to know if a Venus in Scorpio man likes you observe his behavior when you’re around.

Does he go out of his way to engage with you in conversation? Does he find excuses to touch you?

Does he sometimes act a little jealous when you’re talking to other guys?

Does he hang on to your every word, even if you’re just talking about the weather?

And when you catch his eye, does he look away or hold your gaze for a beat too long, making your heart race?

If the answer to all of these questions is “yes,” then it’s a safe bet that he’s got his eyes on you and he likes you.

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